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½ May 7, 2014
Kids don't walk no more, they roll.

A detective is assigned to patrol local playgrounds and try to teach children that police officers aren't so bad and juvenile hall is not their desired path. One of the first children the inspector tries to steer out of trouble, Johnnie, becomes a pyromaniac and nuisance to the neighborhood. Johnnie becomes a very rough character for the inspector to handle.

"You tell him to stop asking questions."
"Dry it, kid."

Basil Dearden, director of Masquerade, Woman of Straw, A Place to Go, Victim, Man in the Moon, The Man Who Haunted Himself, Dead of the Night, The League of Gentlemen, and Khartoum, delivers Violent Playground. The storyline for this picture was interesting and entertaining to watch unfold. The characters were interesting and the acting was very solid. The cast includes Peter Cushing, Stanley Baker, David McCallum, and Tsai Chin.

"If you fight a war against my children I'll tie it around your neck and throw you under the docks."

Violent Playground is a movie I targeted off Netflix since it starred Peter Cushing and I had never heard of it. The movie is definitely more of a psychological thriller than a horror film, but it was still fun to see Cushing in this role. It was interesting to see Cushing as a priest and not trying to kill vampires or some creature of the night. Overall, this movie is worth watching once if you're a fan of the old classics.

"If you kill again, you kill yourself."

Grade: C+/B- (6.5)
½ April 17, 2012
black and white film about your stereotypical johnny gone bad delinquent against society.a good ending helps this worth watching as does good lead and supporting roles.featuring a young freddie starr and the title song's a hoot.
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