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Guggenheim's insistence on not engaging with the injustices that children of certain races and classes face outside of school makes his reiteration of the obvious... seem all the more willfully na´ve.

September 21, 2010 Full Review Source: Village Voice | Comments (9)
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Jack N.

Jack Ninivaggi

I think the Doc is trying to focus on the big picture of the educational system, not just certain point. The critic seems to want the filmmakers to go more in-depth with the separation of classes and racial injustice, but that is not what the film is about, it is about our educational system as a whole.

It's the same reason why, in An Inconvenient Truth, they didn't just focus on the various weather disasters like Katrina. Those were only a small part of global warming, they were concentrating on global warming as a whole.

(Note: I saw the film at an advanced screening. Loved it)

Sep 22 - 02:25 PM


Lateralus Grates

People from poor families are left with substandard education regardless of their race. The issue is one of socioeconomic class and not ethnicity, race, or any other kneejerk politically correct nonsense you want to spout.

Sep 22 - 10:32 PM

Oreo Licker

Greg Horlacher

The previews do a good job of presenting a movie that is going to scapegoat teachers. I can also see that it's a movie that reveres the vindictive and fraudulent Michelle Rhee.

Sep 23 - 03:41 AM


ryan kramer

In what sense is she fraudulent? Details please, rather than sweeping generalizations. Not saying you aren't right, but your sentence currently reads like sour grapes.

Sep 24 - 09:06 AM

Oreo Licker

Greg Horlacher

How is Michelle Rhee fraudulent? She only spent 3 years in a classroom, yet was appointed as chancellor of DC schools. She laughs about the time she used tape over her students' mouths as consequence for misbehavior. She fired teachers and principals at will. She blames poor teaching for the failure of American education (amazing what insights she acquired in her three years!). For more on her fraudulence, read the excellent The Death and Life of the Great American School System by Diane Ravitch. This movie is going to be fraudulent propaganda that demonizes teachers and unions while ignoring parenting, poverty, racism, classism, and inequality.

Sep 27 - 07:32 PM

Bob V.

Bob Villa

so in other words because this movie isn't infused with white guilt it's clearly a rotten movie

Sep 24 - 11:55 AM

Matthew T.

Matthew Thayer


Sep 24 - 12:10 PM


david bunch

There's a easy solution...promote the abortion of the potential offspring of people of certain races and classes. Over time they will disappear, and the "injustices" you cite will be gone.

Sep 25 - 12:07 AM


Nicholas Knowles

the argument that kids of a certain race or class are doomed for failure no matter how good their education is and no matter how well they succeed academically doesn't hold water. african americans fare much much worse before they have graduated (if they graduate at all) from a statistical standpoint. that means that yes, the question of why they are doing so poorly while IN school matters enough for one movie. if they do better there, watch the income gap shrink.

Oct 5 - 09:36 PM

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