Apatow Takes On Biopics in Walk Hard

And weird cameos.

Since musical biographies keep sweeping the Oscars every year, it?s about time a comedian took the piss out of them. Judd Apatow is bringing to the screen a comedic version of such hits as Walk the Line and Ray. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story features John C. Reilly as a musician plagued by inner demons.

"It's a pretty remarkable performance by John C. Reilly because he is the guy that would get that part [in a real drama]," said Apatow. "So he's doing something ridiculous but the acting is also fantastic. He really cries but over stupid things. It's very funny."

Apatow co-wrote with Jake Kasdan, who directs the film. "They wrote 33 songs for the movie. Jack White has a cameo as Elvis and Eddie Vedder inducts him into the music hall of fame. There's a lot of weird cameos. The Beatles are played by Jack Black (as Paul McCartney), Paul Rudd (John Lennon), Jason Schwartzman (Ringo Starr) and Justin Long (George Harrison). Nobody seems at all like any Beatle."

Cox also reportedly performs a song with Jackson Browne and Ghostface Killah during the movie.

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story hits theaters December 14, right around awards season.



Ben Tomassetti

Oh man, this is going to be great. Somebody spelled Vedder wrong though. < PJ fan.

Aug 13 - 06:09 PM


Zach Heltzel

The ironic thing is, this will probably get nominated.

Aug 13 - 06:38 PM


Nicholas Hatten

this whole creative circle needs to slow their roll.

Aug 13 - 07:33 PM


Arman Tanzarian

No they don't. They are bringing funny back to comedies. This sounds hilarious.

Aug 14 - 02:13 AM


Matt Wiggins

yeah wtf? you'd rather they just stop making hilarious movies? i was in tears watching knocked up i was laughing so hard. i'm hoping apatow keeps crankin'em out like he has.
stoked for superbad.

Aug 14 - 09:08 AM

Darkness My Old Friend

Michael Tousey

Ok, they absolutely need to remake HELP! with that same cast of the Beatles.

Aug 14 - 12:44 PM


Ben Gill

I agree with the first sentence up there. It's about damn time. Can't wait.

Aug 14 - 05:31 PM


Matt Baer

Apatow needs not to prove himself to me anymore im ****in in

Aug 14 - 06:07 PM


Nicholas Hatten

hilarious movies? this geek chic genre is getting as boring as torture porn. the films are funny to young white men and that's about it...so yeah, while some folks may still enjoy these films others (like myself) are getting bored with the novelty of them.

Aug 14 - 08:36 PM


Matt Wiggins

so the 91% of critics who positively reviewed knocked up are all young white males? my 48-year-old stepmother who bought the 40 year-old virgin dvd is a young white male? there's nothing wrong with having an opinion and expressing it, but let's lay off the gross generalizations. these films are enjoyed by a wide variety of people, if you don't it's cool, maybe you can give the torture porn another chance.

Aug 14 - 10:12 PM


Nicholas Hatten

and just who are the majority of critics? and once again..sure the first couple films from this group were fine but like i said, their style of shtick is wearing then...a good break would do it (and the market) some good.

Aug 14 - 10:35 PM


Dewey Cox

I think this movie looks Awesome! But I have noticed that the trailer on yahoo is a lot better than the trailer on Youtube...
I think it will be funnier than Talladega Nights, but the question is, can it beat Superbad?

Be sure to check out www.WalkHarder.com

Aug 23 - 05:35 PM


Steve Manson

What, no follow-up?

This movie blew chunks. And I'm a white male. About the only bit that was a little funny was the scenes where he walks in on his drummer, engaging in some illicit narcotics.

Other than that, the 'preposterous theme' didn't work.

Jul 3 - 04:43 AM

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