Total Recall: Walk Hard While My Biopic Gently Weeps

Opening acts: This is Spinal Tap, Fear of a Black Hat, Sweet and Lowdown

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On Friday, you'll finally be able to see John C. Reilly take center stage. He'll be playing Dewey Cox in Walk Hard (94 percent on the Tomatometer), an absurdist spoof on troubled musicians and the Hollywood biopics that their life stories spawn, and for this week's Total Recall, RT takes a look at some of the memorable fictional troubadours that have crooned the silver screen.

It doesn't take a Grammy winner to see why actors are drawn to biopics. Good actors make a living playing made-up characters, but it takes a great one to convince a crowd of millions that they can emulate the mannerisms, speech patterns, and attitude of a musical legend. Plus, said great actor gets to sing, play an instrument, go through a "dark period," and then get saved or die a gnarly death. Pull all of this off and critics will dish out the praise. There might even be a gold statuette waiting in the wings come February. Gee, all that attention wouldn't go to an actor's head, would it?

Walk Hard: Meet the Beatles.

While acting calisthenics and musical artist movies go hand in hand, spoof humor enters the equation just as easily. We can mention films and groups like A Hard Day's Night (100 percent), The Rutles (88 percent), and The Monkees, but let's jump forward to 1984. The year's headliner: the loudest (and funniest) band in the world, Spinal Tap!