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The 2001 of animation. It's a sci-fi masterpiece. R2D2 hits The Road. But it's also no Finding Nemo ...

June 29, 2008 Full Review Source: Seacoast Newspapers (NH/Maine) | Comments (20)
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Are you insinuating that "Finding Nemo" was better than "2001: A Space Odyssey"?

Jun 29 - 07:19 PM


Gina Carbone

It's no bright, shiny children's movie. That's the point.

Jun 29 - 07:32 PM

Mr. Tyler Durden

Adam Fuller

Finding Nemo wasn't nearly as good.

Jun 29 - 07:41 PM


Kelly Wilson

I have to agree...it's no Nemo. The movie was good...but the 5 year old with me had not a clue what was going on. The storyline is a bit mature for the kids...but the idea is fresh and brilliant.

Jun 30 - 10:42 AM


Jon Anderson

My 3-year old has been pretty much non-stop questions about the movie since seeing it about a week ago (local premiere). While I recognize that she doesn't get all the nuances of the movie, there is no question that she got much of the message. Sure, it's probably the cuddly robot that grabbed her attention initially, but she is concerned about why Wall-E is so "sad" at times and why he has to clean-up everyone else's mess.

She wants to see it again, and doesn't understand why it isn't on DVD yet.

So, I think it's more the child than the movie that determines whether it's appropriate. I think the more creative/curious (note I didn't say intelligent) a child is, the more they'll get out of it.

Jun 30 - 01:40 PM


Bob Barker

That's the critic from uncstudentcash.co.nr

Jun 30 - 02:05 PM


Jay Sparrow

I thought this was supposed to be a kid's movie. I love to see kid's movies because I can relax and just enjoy! Not so with this movie, every adult in the theatre was squirming at the guilt and finger wagging. I have to give this movie a thumbs up for

being very stunning visually :]
a sweet romance in some ways :]

but a thumbs down for:

Not enough story :{
Too much guilty political finger pointing :{
Getting off track with an enviromental/social statement and losing its way from the cute kid's flick it should have and could have been :{

Definately not a Nemo or Cars caliber movie.
My kids were disappointed, too. They don't even want this movie or the stuff that goes with it. What will I get them for thier birthdays??LOL! My kids are gifted, I am certain that more "creative/curious"(whatever!) kids will also be bored and confused with what the point of this movie is supposed to be.

Jul 1 - 09:09 AM


Jon Anderson

Oh gee, your kids are "gifted", you must be so proud. Be sure to tell EVERYONE about it, since that somehow makes them superior, right?

I'm sure that attaching that title to them really makes them feel good about themselves. Or maybe you need it to feel good about them? Is that supposed to impress me somehow?

I'm sorry to hear your "gifted" children were so confused by the movie. I guess that may go to show they have quite a bit to learn about the world around them, regardless of how intelligent someone may think they are.

My "no title attached because they are who they are and not what someone else tells them they are" children got it just fine.

I guess we can leave it as an exercise for the reader to determine what defines a "gifted" child.

Is a child "gifted" because someone tells them they are, or are they "gifted" because they don't need someone to tell them?

My children know who they are, and every day learn more of what they're capable of doing.

I think I'll call my children by their names instead.

Jul 1 - 02:55 PM


joyce davis


Are we a bit overly touchy about our children?? You started pumping up your kids with the creative/curious comment~ I was not implying that anyone's children are dumb~I was simply stating that my children are "think outside the box" kids and "gifted" is a proper and very appropriate professional term used in describing young students.

You need therapy dude! It is just a movie and they are just kids!

Jul 1 - 08:31 PM


Jon Anderson

I stated only that "I think the more creative/curious (note I didn't say intelligent) a child is, the more they'll get out of it." This is stated as an OPINION, and is non-judgemental towards any particular person. I'll stand by my opinion, thank you.

Your reply: "My kids are gifted, I am certain that more "creative/curious"(whatever!) kids will also be bored and confused with what the point of this movie is supposed to be."

So, I see the error of my ways, as you clearly have "expertise" in this area. Without that, how could you be CERTAIN?

Would you like to discuss your professional credentials that provides the foresight and aptitude to enlight us as to why this is an indisputable fact? I'd honestly love to learn more from an expert, since I clearly have "issues" to work though.

Who knows? Maybe I could even be labeled as "gifted" if I were to profess to be bored by Wall-E.

Never mind.

As you stated, "gifted" children will be "bored and confused" by this film which has "not enough story" and goes "off track with an enviromental/social statement."

I would have thought a "gifted" child could handle a simple story with complex undertones, but I am clearly wrong.


Jul 1 - 10:33 PM


Jay Sparrow

Clearly you just want to fight with someone~ I am not that someone. Moving on!

Jul 2 - 08:29 AM


Jon Anderson

Not "picking" a fight, just trying to get people to defend their position without resorting to the generic "my child is gifted so their opinion of the movie is gospel."

Don't forget, you were the one to originally "LOL" at my opinion that a "creative and curious" child would get something out of the movie. I was just openly discussing the comments from other people before that. I just answered the bell.

Oh, and having two aliases doesn't make your argument twice as valid. As evidence in support, I submit the following, your honor:

From mrjsparrow:
"LOL! My kids are gifted"

...and in the next response (from mrsjodavis)
"I was simply stating that my children are "think outside the box" kids."

I suppose we could also conclude that this is a husband and wife team, which probably makes them a hoot at parties.

Not knowing your own kids ages (reference your own comments for the review from Diva Velez) is probably kinda embarassing also, so I would understand if you don't want to continue.

Thanks for playing anyway though. ;-)

Jul 2 - 11:26 AM


Jay Sparrow

Not my husband~different set of kids~definately a friend though! Points to you! Too complicated for you???

Jul 2 - 11:44 AM


Justin S


for the love of god. stop flaunting your self-perceived superiority over everyone else!

Jul 2 - 12:21 PM


Jon Anderson

Nah, not too complicated at all. Also not supported by the facts, unless you use the aliases interchangeably (as I already pointed out), but call it as you will.

So, your husband isn't "Mrs Jo Davis", correct "Mr J Sparrow" (who is presumably now a Mrs)?

Have gender identity issues much?

If I didn't know better, I might think you were getting your aliases mixed up.

It's not that important, but it is REALLY funny. Can I have more points?? When can we move on to the bonus round?

I think it's definitely time to move on now. Please disregard my previous (rhetorical) questions.

Jul 2 - 12:43 PM


joyce davis

I must agree. You believe that you are obviously the only intelligent person in the universe and that there is no way that there could be anyone smarter than you...You just need someone to fight with and I am handing you over to fight with yourself. Checking out of this immature banter. Go pick on someone else and their kids with your highly developed wit!

Jul 2 - 08:38 AM


joyce davis

Oh and the point that they have a lot to learn about the world~they are 4 years old. They need thier innocence, and certainly do not need adult fears and responsibilities. They simply will not develop the maturity to handle these fears for a few more years. It is good for them to be free from those burdens and I stand by the mistake of the movie~which was to portray it as a kids movie!
My kids are "gifted", get over it. When your kids get into school you will understand what that means. It was not a put down, it is a fact. They seperate the kids into groups of gifted, average, and below average. Your kid will fall into one of those groups and be educated that way. GOOD LUCK~sounds like you will be upset with the school systems in this country.

Jul 1 - 08:43 PM


Kevin L

You realize a lot of kids movies are dark: Lion King, They're Back, Spirited Away, Bambi, parts of Happy Feet, etc.

And calling kids "gifted" really has no point whatsoever. Everyone's gifted in some way.

As for kids, sheltering them does no good. Sooner or later, they'll be introduced to not so pleasant things. i'd rather they be gently introduced to these things throuhg something pleasant like wall-E than through real life.

And not every kid wants a cute-sy movie.

Jul 2 - 09:20 PM


Bryson Bennet

Finding Nemo is the second worst Pixar movie next to Cars. Don't get me wrong I love the hell out of both of them but they're just not up to par with Ratatouille Wall E or The Incredibles. You shouldn't be looking at it like is it a good childrens movie, more like is it a good movie and yes it's a great movie. Heartwarming, touching, insightful, cheery, funny. I'm tired of the idea that animated movies are childrens movies. I think Pixar is doing a great job of moving away from that stigma.

Jul 1 - 01:29 PM


Michael Nautyorbiznes

Honestly, do you people ever shut up? It's common for kids not to understand or be interested in the entire movie, you'd know this if you'd ever been one. Look at Pinnochio, look at Bambi, Hell, look at every pixar movie while you're at it. Pixar is aware of the younger audiences and fills their movies with enough whizzes and bangs to keep them pleased whislt giving the older audience something altogether grander. That's what seperates Pixar from the rest of the competition.

Jul 2 - 01:09 PM

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