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No movie can be a downer that fills you with pure exhilaration. You leave WALL-E with a feeling of the rarest kind: that you've just enjoyed a close encounter with an enduring classic.

July 1, 2008 | Comments (7)
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Michael Nautyorbiznes

Absolutely spot on as usual, Mr. Travers. I've had difficulty putting into words my loving fascination of this particular film and I'm very pleased to say that you've outlined everything as nicely as I could have hoped from any critic. I was especially impressed (as in shouting "FINALLY! THANK YOU, PETER, THANK YOU!") when you compared this movie with "Brazil" as it was the first movie that came to mind after watching the first teaser.

I applaud you, Peter, well done indeed.

Jul 3 - 12:56 AM


Mark ziegler

Once again.

The only critic on Rotten Tomatoes where I can take opinion as fact.

Jul 3 - 03:27 PM


alex hayden

.....****in Wall E..... Poor bastard has a life he's enjoying everything is fine collecting his stuff making a life for himself simple and honest...even has a little buddy and then she comes along.....of course he has to go chasing after her.. falls in love instantly and then what she shoots him down... Literally.. Twice what a ****ing cannon.. And he keeps asking for more. Tell me this wasn't written by some chewbacca lovin geek...
Oh look at my quirky desk with all of my clever little toys and little ****ing dolls i collect.... Check out my apartment were i have a large screen TV with a bunch of commie apple crap hooked up to it...

Yeah he had his own content life he had his own place... His stuff his motorcycles his cars his crap!!!!!! Then what???@@@!!!!! WE NEED DRAPES!!!! come to the coast we'll have a few laughs.... she says!!!!!

HORSE ****!!!!! the poor bastard shows her everything she rips apart his most treasured videos... (aka she found his porn collection) and rips it apart..lucky he was there to stop the crazy ***** from trashing his pad...

He's so ****ing ***** whipped that he risks life and limb dumps his cockroach friend to be with the ***** who has her own agenda that she refuses to tell him about climbing the corporate ladder to her own ends.. How about a handy in the broom closet for a promotion sweet tits... ****ing one upper....

Then what??? He helps her again risks his life and all she says is what the **** are you doing her?? Why are you following me go away... Why don't you go home,,, after she totally emasculates him and turns him into a little ***** whipped pansy..then What....he Makes a bunch o new friends she doesn't give a **** about them till she needs them and they basically guilt her into saving the poor bastards once fruitful life....yeah right leave the farm Jack-o.. Nice going the big city is sooo much better...

WTF? Is this the story of a Mexican migrant worker falling in love with a white i repeat WHITE business minded *****????

She gets everyone to go along with her retarded idea of everyone goes back to earth,,, the **** hole... And start planting etc. Instead of living the most luxurious life ever.. Everything is catered for you never worry about stressing for food...gas... Money...neighborhoods.... No... Who wants that right? We all want to go to a ****ing waste land and plant pizza plants??

Liberal agenda having Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, SanFran hippie Bull****. ( Yes they are all the same if you don't agree with me your wrong) I want to get back to the dump I left behind.. Yeah ****in right if that is so why the **** are you making a fully animated computer graphic movie??????

Heres an idea why don't you make your spoiled brat B.M.W driving *** hat children go out to a working farm and plant some of your glorious plants. Pick a potato or two. That's gonna happen.. Upper middle class wet dream. I want to live off the land...Oh my starts I'll have to go and buy me a Betsy Johnson sundress and matching gardening gloves this is going to be so much fun! How many hours will that last?


LIARS!!!!!! HORSE ****!!!

And another thing ....she brings him back to life... And shoots a big ****ing hole in his apartment!!!!!!!!!! Couldn't just carry him outside? Huh? ****ing fly through outer space and cat carry him 10 ****ing feet????
He goes back to his life doing what he does best.. She cant stand it.. he forgets about her..but noooo.. the attention whore cant get enough and has to rope his *** back in.... Nice... that's Love alright....

Lies told by homos to get you to believe in "love" HA!!!
Fellas stay in your cave don't spill your seed in the belly of the beast jerk off and consider your self lucky...

other than that good flick...

Jul 6 - 01:56 AM




Have you considered therapy?

Jul 8 - 12:40 PM


Evan Le

yep he needs therapy alright. Sorry, his love life sucks so much he became extremely jaded =|

Jul 12 - 01:20 PM

Matt S.

matt stewart

A brilliant film, one of Pixar's finest, great review as always Travers

May 23 - 10:15 AM

Evan Ringle

Evan Ringle

What about Roger Ebert?

Dec 16 - 07:43 PM

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