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Vastly overrated movie with all the charm of two vacuum cleaners making love.

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Jansen v.

Jansen van der Spuy

Agreed, in the same way that your are a vastly overrated critic that has all the charm of watching two homosexual men have anal sex.

Mar 3 - 05:18 PM

Rash Hunt

Rash Hunt


May 25 - 12:20 AM

S N.

S Nunn

I agree totally with this astute review. Do archetypes matter -- I think they do. I never cared about these silly machines but I guess that many found them charming. Ugh, a waste of my 2 hours.

Mar 7 - 10:15 PM

Joseph G.

Joseph Gunnison

I second your opinion, S N. This movie was really not that great, and felt very long. There is nothing wrong with a film having a lengthy running time, unless it bores you, which this film does.

Feb 22 - 01:31 AM

Bye bye

Steven Bailey

Or perhaps the real reason neither of you enjoyed this film is because you both have the attention span of a toothpick and couldn't get past the fact that there weren't any "wicked explosisions!!!".

Jun 20 - 02:37 AM

Nicole G.

Nicole Giglione

or maybe this movie actually really isn't that good

Apr 5 - 06:17 PM

Patrick Connolly

Patrick Connolly

no it's a brilliant movie

Apr 8 - 11:42 AM

Bye bye

Steven Bailey

By the way, this idiot gave Sex and the City 2 a positive review.

Jun 20 - 02:40 AM

Peter H.

Peter Hart

What!!!!! Some people in society dont know the true meaning of a good movie.

Feb 17 - 04:57 AM

Peter H.

Peter Hart

What!!!!! Some people in society dont know the true meaning of a good movie.

Feb 17 - 04:58 AM

Ezekiel Briones

Ezekiel Briones

The movie isn't about machines making love but rather it shows children especially, about caring and other kind of "goodness" That's why its a Pixar movie.

Oct 2 - 09:13 AM

Matt M.

Matt Mintage

Seriously whoever thinks Wall-E isn't some kind of a great movie just doesn't know what a good movie is. For Pixar, it could be one of there most telling films, having it have a straight-forward moral about technology getting the better end than us, and it was also just a cute little mini-love story that happened to be about futuristic robots thought-to-be cold and unfeeling, rather than two pretty people meeting at the beach and falling in love. We all can have our own opinions, but when the opinion is about something as miniature as explosions, or your blatant ignorance then we got a problem in the movie reviewing world.

Jul 15 - 12:00 PM

Dylan P.

Dylan P

You are missing the point of the whole movie. Its not all about the robots its about the message.

Feb 22 - 08:23 AM

Braden Price

Braden Price

he is right

May 30 - 07:29 PM


Joćo Crastes

I don't think so... That review is as charming as you are: NONE! This is a great movie and it's not your opinion that will change that fact.

Mar 23 - 09:01 AM


Paul Counelis


Mar 28 - 06:29 AM

Jose V.

Jose Viladiu

In that way, everything is overrated and archetypically-falsy charming. Brokeback Mountain, Slumdog Millionaire, everything is overrated because of the "charm"; you are nothing more than an ignorant sensasionalist looking for attention by saying the opposite everyone says.
I feel sorry for you.

Mar 29 - 12:22 AM

Patrick Connolly

Patrick Connolly

nailed it

Apr 8 - 11:43 AM

Harry B.

USCf1lm 06

Forget this review, I bet this guy is actually Jeffrey Katzenberg or some other guy from another animation house.

Mar 29 - 12:31 PM


Matt Welch

Wow, not only immensely late to the party, but hilariously backwards and wrong. This is the animated film that took home multiple Best Film awards from critics groups, remember. Overrated? No, something is overrated when it's not good, this is brilliant and everyone but this kind of trash and Armond white knows it.

May 6 - 02:51 PM

Maya C.

Maya Coale

Um, excuse me? You are a sad, sad shallow person with no heart. Wall-E was one of the best movies of the year and if you can't that, than you are just sad. And really, one bad review means nothing in the midst of all of these amazing review. You just want to be different and say the opposite of what everyone else says. I feel sorry for you.

May 10 - 06:41 PM


Joey Long

*face palm*

You are pathetic.

May 24 - 12:39 PM


Reed Calvin

I do agree this movie is overrated, but only slightly. It was still a great film. It has a rather low re-watchability factor, however.

May 25 - 08:12 AM

John S.

John Swingen

lol, I enjoy an honest review

I thought it was cute in a communist propagandist kinda way.

If your into indoctrinating children through scare tactics watch "An Inconvenient Tru...I mean "Wall-e"

for all of you people calling this guys opinion wrong, get over it, its an opinion.

May 26 - 10:24 PM

Scott Y.

Scott Yelvington

dude, are you stupid? how in the world does a director make a movie about a dystopian future unless the setting is... oh what's the word... DYSTOPIAN?! Earth was dirty and polluted because that served the plot of people being trapped in a crazy space ship where they all lay around all day and robots blow them and whatnot. This has nothing to do with a political message. It's merely a matter of story telling devices. btw, the director is a republican. and hell, the lead robot is a TRASH COMPACTOR! so is it alright with you righty idiots if we maybe have some trash and pollution in a movie thats half about trash and pollution without you crying about clandestine political agendas!? Lemme ask you something. Since you seem to think that conspiracy is everywhere, are you Glenn Beck? Next your gonna tell me obama is a secret nazi socialist muslim baby eater... grow a cerebral cortex.

Jul 10 - 02:23 AM

blork k.

blork kuhbloryt

It's kind of funny that you call it far left propaganda in response to this guy's bad review. Look at his bio, he's a left wing fundamentalist/socialist...

Jun 21 - 06:35 PM

John S.

John Swingen

I thought it was cute in a communist propagandist kinda way.

If your into indoctrinating children through scare tactics watch "An Inconvenient Tru...I mean "Wall-e"

for all of you people calling this guys opinion wrong, get over it, its an opinion.
on the other hand racism is thrown around like a freaking pie in all of those old movies where it was apparently funny to get a pie in ones face.

Why in God's name does everything have to be about race?

May 26 - 10:29 PM


Dick Face

This job isn't for you.

May 29 - 06:38 PM


Evander Lil' Hiney


May 19 - 05:24 AM

Isaac C.

Isaac C

Wow, you sir Louis, have no soul. This movie was so charming and touching that I could not help but feel for little Wall-E. You have obviously never felt deeply for a woman (or a man, if that's your thing; it likely is) so I hope that when you make dumb statements like that you think next time. Beautiful movie; callus reviewer. Why are you reviewing with the big boys? Shouldn't you be reviewing some B-movie?

May 30 - 11:17 PM

Milos P.

Milos Peric

I was never in love with a dishwasher.

Their romantic immitating human was badly presented.
Maybe figured out better, movie would be better.

They just needed "lights go out scene" to complete the deal.

And I don't like males being pathetic and cute over a female.
Inferior, well we maybe are.

Oct 3 - 12:50 PM


Jake Sundstrom

You didn't like the movie, fair enough.

But good God man, do you have no soul!?

Jun 4 - 12:03 AM

Lillian T.

Lillian Tsao

Dude, you're harsh. This movie was great.

Jun 13 - 05:19 PM

chad l.

chad lechan

Congratulations, Louis Proyect!

You are officially not credible as a movie reviewer!

Try being a garbage man.

Jun 20 - 12:36 PM

j r.

j r

Its so funny you're all attacking him for being callous, when you are accusing him, based on a few paragraphs of his writing, of being gay, incompetent, soul-less, shallow,pathetic, blah blah blah....is that not pretty callous? At least he was only slating a cartoon, you are all being highly offensive to a real person with feelings, i would say that was much more insensitive and heartless. Why bully people who disagree with you?

I found this film to be pretty repetitive and monotonous, and while it made some good points about the direction humanity is currently heading in, and about the perseverance of love in the face of adversity, I still think it was very much overrated.

I'm glad some people like Proyect are bold enough to point this out, why should everyone have to think the same and be so deeply condemned if they dare to express a different appraisal?

Jul 13 - 02:12 PM

Milkshake Man

Aaron Ussery

Your review made me laugh...you, on the other hand, make me puke.

Jul 25 - 02:53 AM

Benjamin F.

Benjamin Friedman

Not the best way to put it.But, still overrated.

Aug 19 - 11:43 AM

King J

King J

You must be completly mental !!! xD

Sep 7 - 05:05 PM

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