Get a Peek of "Kong" Right Before the "War"

Mega-cool monster monkeysite brings some news that should help to expand the profit margin of "War of the Worlds" (as if it really needs the help!) - The trailer for Peter Jackson's "King Kong" adaptation will premiere in front of Steven Spielberg's "War of the Worlds" remake on June 28th. And yes: this trailer will include shots of the freakishly huge primate.

And since you were probably already planning to see "War of the Worlds," this is just a Kong-sized extra treat.


The Senhman

Senh Duong

First, the Simpsons movie, then this. One great news after another!

Jun 7 - 01:59 AM


nicholas butler

I defintly agree Senh. Man are the boards gona lite up tomarrow when ppl read the news about this and the simpsons :+)

Jun 7 - 02:23 AM


Cassie Barnes

"this trailer will include shots of the freakishly huge primate."

Gotta ask ... is that freakishly huge primate playe dby Jack Black?


Jun 7 - 06:01 AM




Jun 8 - 06:08 AM


sebastian nye

[b]as long as they show naomi watts in the trailer[/b]

Jun 7 - 08:52 AM


The Vines L

As if i wasnt excited enough to see War of the Worlds

Jun 7 - 12:14 PM


Eric Bodrero

now we're talking. i have high expectations for both of these films. can't wait to see the trailer for kong. wotw should be fun...

Jun 7 - 12:19 PM


jonathan watterman

woo hoo woo hoo woo hoo woo hoo

Jun 7 - 12:32 PM

Dystopia Land

Matt S

Kong is going to rule.

Jun 7 - 01:04 PM


Snipes .

How will this expand the profits of WOTW? Your either going to see it or not, if you go just to see the King Kong trailer, you have problems.

Jun 7 - 03:35 PM


Jean Francois Cormier

Plenty of people have "problems", Star Wars being a prime example.

Jun 7 - 05:50 PM


Wesley Eastwood

and people who are on the edge of seeing it may go because of the King Kong trailer.. but i was going to see it anyway

Jun 7 - 07:03 PM


Harry Sparks

"Plenty of people have "problems", Star Wars being a prime example."

LOL. A little bitter, are we? Oh, well. Your loss.

The King Kong trailer is an added bonus to what will surely be a great moviegoing experience.

Jun 7 - 08:05 PM


Mary Brennan

[b]Kong-sized Koolness[/b]
I have really enjoyed watching the making of King Kong on (Peter Jackson is funnier than I thought) and now this - I already have anticipated War of the Worlds higher than any movie this summer (yes ever more than Star Wars or Batman), so this is very cool!

Jun 7 - 09:00 PM

mallou jr

louis mallett jr

ilove trailers.i hate peoplke who go to the movies and get mad when they see 3 or 4 trailers i love them the more trailers the better

Jun 7 - 09:06 PM




Jun 8 - 06:08 AM


Robert Kimberlin

Trailers are much better than watching stupid commercials at the movies.

Jun 8 - 03:22 PM



Oh yeah. You got that right, all right.

Jun 8 - 06:41 PM


David Jones

Trailers rule! I've been dribbling over the WOTW trailer for ages and waiting unpatiently for the Kong trailer too! And now I get the two packaged as one! Yay!

Jun 12 - 03:52 PM


C.J. Tuor

[b]The lone voice[/b]
Am I the only one is really mad that they are remaking king kong....again.

I pretty much hate the ideas of remake and so far 95% of remakes are either horrible or just profit gobbling pieces of popcorn fluff.

I mean the original king kong is one of the greatest movies of all time, so why does it need to be remade.

Peter Jackson is a great director but after adapting a book series and now remaking a classic film he needs to get an original idea.

King Kong had it's moment it was orignal and it is still remebered more than half a centurary later. Please, let's create our own ideas.

Jun 14 - 12:29 PM

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