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Warriors of Heaven and Earth (Tian di ying xiong) Reviews

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Dean !

Super Reviewer

September 12, 2011
A good big battle epic film with some good fight scenes with a Western style feel to it.
Cynthia S

Super Reviewer

November 22, 2010
This is a film you have to give about 15-20 minutes to before you give up on it. If you're willing to invest the time, there is an incredibly rich story waiting for you, replete with honor, duty, respect and love. Wonderful movie, but just give it a minute to grow on you. Well done film.

Super Reviewer

October 14, 2008
Great extraordinary Chinese tale of battle, comradeship and honour. The excitement scenes between a Japanese emissary and renegade solider-turned-mercenary who team up to protect a sacred caravan travelling across the desert.

Super Reviewer

November 10, 2007
An imperial emissary on a mission to bring a fugitive soldier to justice instead joins forces with him to defend a buddhist monk and his caravan. The usual mix of honourable men, swordplay and a beautiful princess is on offer, but during the first half of the film, swap the caravan for a wagon train and the swords for sixguns and what you have is an old fashioned western. Half way through though, things take an unexpectedly supernatural turn as we find out what it is they are protecting.The cinematography, locations and costumes are as attractive as we've come to expect in these post Crouching Tiger times, but the narrative leaves more than a little to be desired; characterisation is minimal, so it is very difficult to care when one of the characters is killed off, and the plot consists of little more than an episodic series of strangely sterile and bloodless battle sequences. It is very attractive to look at though, and certainly does not bore; the siege sequence is particularly impressive and reminded me of Kingdom Of Heaven on a budget. On the whole it's reasonably entertaining but the weaknesses in the script mean it's not in the same league as the extremely similar The Musa.
John B

Super Reviewer

December 24, 2012
Critically panned and perhaps not the best of modern Chinese cinema, this is nonetheless pretty entertaining.
Marcus W

Super Reviewer

July 22, 2009
Shoddy westernised Eastern film.
August 7, 2008
I love this movie for two reason. Because of the lesson you can learn from it. & second because it has my favorite animal as the main characters. The Kangroos' Rules
June 12, 2007
This is a film that's similar to the recent popular films "Hero" and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" However, this film follows more closely to Akira Kurasowa's classics and the classic westerns of Hollywood. The film shows a band of warriors (a la Seven Samurai) who must protect a caravan through the desert to reach a temple to deliver a Buddhist relic, unfortunately a horde of Turks want it for themselves and perpetually attack them along the weay, leading to some good moments of action and tension. Unfortunately, the film offers too much cheese once in a while with some of the characters, but luckily most of the characters are fleshed out, despite some sterotypes (The old warrior who goes on one last adventure, a kid who wants to be a warrior, the strong, silent vetern warrior, etc.) The antagonist is not your typical evil villian, the actor plays him with a quirky sense which makes him refreshing. Ther is a sci-fi element to this "western adventure" that seems out of place and leaves a bad taste, but the action sequense near the end make up for that, especially the scenes when they are starving in the desert and the last stand in an abandon fort. Entertaining for those that like this type of film, others will find it enojoyable but nothing special. Wonderful visuals as well.
May 27, 2007
You might think that a Chinese Western with a Japanese character and a pop singer could not work, but you could not be more wrong. This movie is great for fans of Westerns or Foreign historical drama films based in Ancient China. It also has a powerful spiritual element to it as well that is quite fascinating on a second viewing months later.
May 30, 2007
This has got to be a superb asain movie! Comedy, drama, and all good stuff that makes a movie, a movie!
August 31, 2006
Those looking for the high flying antics of films like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon may be disapointed. Warriors of Heaven and Earth is an epic film about duty vs honor filmed in a very realistic style. While it contains action, it's more of a drama about the relationship of the characters involved. Hopefully this won't disuade you from seeing this film, as it's very good in it's own right.
July 10, 2006
A rewatching may raise the rating of this film from its three-and-a-half stars, but I need some like-minded folks to watch it with next time.
March 25, 2006
October 27, 2010
nice story, screenplay & music
Maciej W.
August 20, 2009
An adventurous tale of good, honor and loyalty.

The story evolves around two main characters. Lieutenant Li is considered a traitor after refusing an order to kill turkish civilian captives and is wanted for mutiny. Lai Xi is an imperial agent whose last assignment is to kill "Butcher" Li, succeeding in doing so will allow him to fulfill his duties to the Chinese Emperor and to return to his homeland, Japan. While on the run, Li gets caught in a desert storm and is saved by a caravan soldier. He feels obliged to protect the caravan to its destination as it lost all escort in the same storm. However, Li is unaware of the fact that an item of incredible value is amongst the load and that many people are willing to kill to get it.

The whole movie (aside from a few cheesy special effects) is visually stunning. Absolutely beautiful sceneries, colorful and realistic costumes combined with fantastic music give the feeling of participating in an epic adventure. The multiple battle sequences are very entertaining.

It takes some effort to ignore the silliness of the turns the story takes near the end, otherwise it could spoil the movie for some. I focused on the wonderfully developed, lively and expressive characters in the film. The actors playing them are extremely convincing.

To people who enjoy Kurosawa as well as western type of movies, "Warriors of Heaven And Earth" offer a bit of both. Suggestive characters, breathtaking visuals and wondefully fitting music create a great atmosphere and help to forget about the unrealistic elements of the story. I enjoyed this movie a lot.
October 31, 2005
Watched - Oktober 2005.
February 24, 2005
Around the Bend- It was interesting road movie, that even running barely 80 min, never felt underdeveloped. Great performances by all three leads including Michael Caine who was only in it for the first 20 min or so. Great dimensional characters and relationships between all family members.

The Cookout- Offers little laughs in a underdeveloped story.

Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War- If you are fan of Band of Brothers or Saving Private Ryan, this is a must see. The action is great and more brutal than SPR. I found story very engaging unlike others. One of the best films of 2004.

Warriors of Heaven and Earth- Has almost a B-movie feel to it. I have seen this type of story done many times, but also a lot better.

In Praise of Love- I have seen only one other Godard (Contempt) and I wasn't a big fan of it. This movie will not make me into a Godard fan anytime soon. The movie feels disjointed and tries to be to smart. Godard is smart man, there is no denying it, but in this it seems to be smothering it in your face. Saying I am smarter than you. It takes an unnecessary and failing pot-shot at Steven Spielberg, Schindler's List, Hollywood. What also hurt this movie was that I found it extremely boring. I hated this movie.
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