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We Are The Night Reviews

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Luke B

Super Reviewer

January 22, 2012
Vampire films are ten a penny these days. But it's not all the same old crap over and over again. With vampire films, I think you just need to find the right balance between emotional moments that humanise these monsters, and those awesome cool moments. We Are The Night does pretty well in both departments, even if it is in favour of action. The first scene had me absolutely hooked. The camera pans around an airplane where all the passengers and crew have been killed. Still alive are three attractive women that soon reveal themselves to be vampires. After a bit of fun, they open the airplane door and dive out mid-air. From there we are introduced to Lena, a young criminal that soon finds herself involved with the vampires. Unfortunately for them, just before Lena is turned, she catches the eye of a young policeman that's interested in her. Like all vampire films, it starts by showing the luxurious excess. Clubbing, drinking, sex etc. But at the same time the film uses the character of Charlotte as an antidote to all this. She obviously suffers from depression. As the gang go out shopping, she stares longingly at some baby shoes. She also stands in the sunlight causing herself great pain. This character encompasses the strongest emotions, and counteracts the action nicely. We also have Louise. A lesbian vampire that is in love with Lena and feels jealous about Lena's crush on the young cop Tom. It shows that no longer how long you live for, certain human emotions are unavoidable. Towards the end it goes for all out action. With SWAT teams, prison breaks, and a beautifully shot fight that has the vampires moving all over the walls. The music was also enjoyable, but the amount of nightclub scenes did get tiring. Just one less could have made an improvement. We Are The Night is a string Vampire film, with stunning locals and excellent pacing. It was great seeing these girls have fun in a woman only vampire world. Another great example of Gansel's talent.
Cynthia S

Super Reviewer

September 24, 2011
I am a fan of vampire movies, that is no secret. This fact alone makes me more prone to enjoy a decent vampire movie if it is well done. This movie is VERY nicely done. Had alot of style, good soundtrack, coolness factor, great looking cast, and a story that I could follow. The winter setting in Berlin added to the dark ambience, and gave the movie that foreign dark gritty feel that I love so much (reminds me of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Let the Right One In, etc.). Kudos!
Dann M

Super Reviewer

October 3, 2012
The German vampire thriller We Are the Night takes an intriguing and refreshing look at the genre. The story follows a young delinquent named Lena who's chosen by an elder vampire to a join her coven of sister vampires. The directing is quite artistic and delivers some amazing scenes. And it presents an interesting mythology, where vampirism has turned into a matriarchy that is tightly controlled. However, the storytelling doesn't live up to ambitions of the film; leave a lot of territory unexplored. Yet, We Are the Night is an exotic and stylistic film with a compelling story.

Super Reviewer

September 29, 2011
Vampirism is for posers in junior high. This new wave of vampire movies for females and pre-teens is at least. The best movie to emerge from this latest vampire trend was Let the Right One In, and I didn't even like that as much as most people seemed too. And don't make me watch multiple different montage sequences featuring horrible 'goth' music (the techno kind, Bauhaus this isn't!). Really this movie just doesn't bring anything new to the genre. That being said the movie does look very good, the acting is mostly all reasonably well done and believable and its heart did seem to be in the right place. Plus technically I would say this movie was entertaining even if I didn't really care for it. This probably says more about my own biases though, and I assume quite a few people will enjoy this more than I did. Just not my cup of I guess, but I stand by the statement that everything to be found in this movie can also be found elsewhere, and done better in a lot of cases. I wouldn't recommend it, but I do expect others to enjoy this, so give it a try if you go for this sort of thing.

Super Reviewer

September 23, 2011
It is fast, action lasting one, with a great camera image and soundtrack but the ending was a bit rushed and could have lasted a little longer. It comes off as much weaker than the rest of the film. But it douse not destroy the rest of the film.
September 25, 2012
Well...It wasn't bad...But it wasn't that good either...didn't really have much of a storyline or any real goal throughout the movie but there was action in it. Honestly I have no idea how I managed to come across this movie, I just saw it in my list of torrents one day and thought what the hey I'll give it a shot. I actually was gonna give it a 2 star rating but I gave it the 3rd star because when a vampire got in the sunlight it caught on fire and died and not sparkled like a certain someone from a certain movie...a very pale someone i might add. But it was ok...the ending was pretty good...I would recommend this movie for women that are fascinated in vampires and/or wanna be vampires and also bisexual/lesbian women. It really wasn't that bad though...
July 2, 2012
A slick looking, postmodern vampire tale, We Are the Night is a new take on the female vampire film. Gone are the tropes of the exploitative lesbian vampire films of Hammer Studios and Jess Franco. We Are the Night strives to be an empowering picture of women vampires, and it mostly succeeds in both its style and content. Well-made and solidly acted, it just never quite reaches a level that makes it something truly memorable...
August 12, 2012
Pretty good. A group of vampires take in a troubled misfit and give her everything she could want. It was pretty amazing seeing the girl going from dirty and crazy looking to beautiful vampire. There is not a whole lot of action, but enough to keep it interesting.
July 29, 2012
Kudos to my bud Pamela De Graff for recommending this one...She was right, from the moment they jumped out of that plane, I was hooked. I like how Lena went from Skeletor to almost gorgeous when she turned. My fav was the party girl Nora. I hated (spoiler alert) it when she went up in flames...
July 28, 2012
The movie is a very "B" filmed movie meaning it isn't high quality when it comes to the way it is filmed. However, it is a compelling story which hooks you (IF you can get past the bad semi-dub, due to the film being GERMAN, it has it's moments of being lost in translation every now and then but it NEVER hinders the story.

Now just so you understand these are NOT the "Twilight" vampires. So don't even think that.

The vamps in this movie are all women... no men are vampires... "they were (too) loud".

Even though the movie is poor quality of film it does have some good "vamp" effects that other vampire movies do NOT have. Overall, the movie is worth seeing if you like vampires (not the "sparkly" ones).

I am starting to develop a love for German Horror... this is the 2nd German horror besides Dead Snow I have seen and I really enjoyed both.
May 18, 2012
This was pretty bad. It didn't have romance, thriller, action, seduction (like most vampire movies have), nothing. It just shows 4 girls with different personalities having fun and spending money.
December 24, 2011
The first 45 minutes are incredibly boring; especially to those who do not appreciate the "euro-trash delinquent" club scene. However, as a vampire movie the film quickly gets pretty intelligent about it's subject material. There's too many vampire movie that tries too hard to be deep or is too content to do anything new. "We Are the Night" is bold enough to take the escapist vampire wish fulfillment attitude and turn it on its head at times. While the ending is a bit predictable, you have to give "We Are the Night" credit for being more than wish fulfillment as a wish fulfillment movie. However, there are times when the film does get a little too self-indulgent with it's feminine exploitation.
April 17, 2014
Though seems like another clichéd Vampire film, "We Are The Night" kicks in with interesting perspective about feminism, stylish directing, and with energetic approach.
March 20, 2014
in real life yew want Louise to like yew and yew don't give a f about men xD :cc
February 27, 2014
I liked the movie wish there would be a second movie.
January 27, 2014
This is a vampire film with both expected and unexpected twists.
The threatening tide of lesbianism never quite seems to break and the styling of the "heroes" as consumer mad new money vampires is a great idea... that never seems to get beyond sitting round a pool at midnight in bikinis.
Played against Berlin's Love Parade ecstasy and cocaine culture it does have its moments, not enough to be great, but certainly interesting.
March 13, 2013
...offers a seductive, cool and bittersweet take on the vampire mythology.
October 16, 2013
One line summary: Girl power among German vampires suffers from love triangle.

Louise, Charlotte, and Nora kill and drink the blood of every one on a small exclusive jet. Then they jump out before the crash; nice touch.
Next we get a look at Lena, a teen delinquent: pickpocketing, credit card theft and fraud, assault and battery on a policeman, evading arrest, underage drinking, vandalism. She evades policeman Tom after stealing the credit card of a Russian mobster whom Tom was chasing. Tom catches Lena, but she gets away from him again. Lena's mother seems to be intimate with Lena's current parole officer, which might keep the number of arrests down.
The vampire women host raves to meet people who will not be missed, plus drinking and dancing. Louise is always looking for just the right pair of eyes; she likes Lena's, and lets her into a rave. Louise bites her in the ladies' room and Lena starts to change quickly, as in sunlight sensitivity the next morning, plus hunger for blood. She returns to Louise the next night. In passing they mention that there are only 100 vampires in the world, and all of them are female.
After some enjoyment with the three older vampires, Lena makes the mistake of going home. Tom meets her when she departs from her mother. He promises not to rat her out about stealing from the Russian pimp. They go for a coffee date, and start getting to know each other. Tom can tell that something big has changed in her life, and it's not the new boyfriend that Lena claims.
Tom starts investigating; Lena keeps learning more about the other three vampires.
Tom and his boss set up an assault on the hotel where the vampires live. Nora is lost to sunlight, but the other three escape. Lena prevents Louise from killing Tom, which complicates things considerably.
Charlotte says good-bye to her almost ninety year old daughter, who recognizes Charlotte before she dies. Then Charlotte traps Louise and Lena in order to die from the sunlight of dawn.
So only the triangle (Lena, Louise, Tom) remains. How might that end?


Cinematography: 10/10 Excellent. Some of the better vampire healing FX I've seen.

Sound: 9/10 Excellent save the dubbing, which is merely good.

Acting: z/10 Karoline Herfurth was fine, basically playing three roles. I liked the performances of Nina Hoss and and Jennifer Ulrich as well.

Screenplay: 8/10 A foot chase starts in complete darkness, but continues in full light. No, thank you. One strike on continuity. The rest of the story hung together rather well.
October 12, 2013
Like the Anne Rice vampires the story is more about the "human" element in the vampires. There's the rush of invincibility and beauty mixed with tragedy and heartbreak of those coming in an out of the immortal's lives and how they try to fill that void of loneliness that becomes increasingly worse over time. Although there is violence the movie is not based on violence like so many vampire killer movies- it's more like a brooding character study of the gift and curse of the vampire. The CGI in some frames is absolutely beautiful- especially Charlotte's last scene. Otherwise there isn't much of a plot- it's thin and predictable and they had to throw in a lot of chase scenes to keep it going. Interview with the Vampire is still better although this is still a decent watch. It's not an exploitation horror movie and if you're looking for lesbian sex you're not going to see any.
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