Wer früher stirbt, ist länger tot (Grave Decisions) Reviews

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November 11, 2008
Surprisingly sweet and funny movie from Germany's Texas: Bavaria. 11-year-old Sebastian discovers his mum died on his birth day and is worried he is going to purgatory for it and all the other mischief he already did in his life. The dream sequences are somewhat over the top and even Germans might need subtitles for some parts of the Bavarian dialoges. But the script is full of nice little ideas as Sebastian is trying to turn immortal to escape hell, the film is really nicely shot and the actors pretty convincing and charming. Considering this comes from the same state as Lederhosen, Volksmusik and other horrible German stereotypes, this movie is surprisingly free of all those and can really claim to be unique. Well done.
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April 19, 2008
Very, very funny, very regional and very good German film. The English title isn't half as good as the German one, which means "The sooner you die, the longer you're dead", which makes perfect sense once you saw the film. The little boy is quite the discovery, he is awfully cute in his mischievousness. One of the best German films I have seen in recent years. And if you are learning German as a foreign language and didn't understand a single bit of the dialogue, you need not worry - I am German and needed subtitles because of the very strong Bavarian dialect.
½ February 28, 2015
If you're german and not bavarian, watch this in english. I didn't understand half of the dialogue due to bavarian accent which is a shame because the movie has it moments (A little kid asking the teacher to have sex with him is always funny). But in the end its just random event after random event, which obviously work together perfectly and makes the story feel really artificial.
August 8, 2014
"Grave Decisions" is sweet and funny from start to finish.
½ July 11, 2011
Grausig schlechter Film!
½ September 26, 2010
One of the best German movies.
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