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July 18, 2007
Unintentionally uncomfortable film that asks we accept the premise that the only real conversation between the sexes can happen when pigs can fly...uhh, I mean when men can read women's minds. Nice chemistry between the leads but; Alan Alda: wasted. Delta Burke: wasted. Marisa Tomei: wasted.
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June 24, 2011
A great romantic comedy!
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January 17, 2011
A clever romantic comedy in which we see Mel Gibson playing Nick Marshall, a chauvenistic advertising executive (a role that is probably close to his real life persona)who takes what he wants and has little regard for the people around him, notably the women. His life is turned upside down when his promotion is snatched from under him by the employment of Darcy Maguire, a smart, attractive female with a reputation that could rival his own.

While trying to adjust to the new woman rule at work, an accident leaves Nick with the abolity to read the minds of all the women he comes into contact with, equipping him with the tools to better control his family, sex and most importantly work life.

An interesting concept that is well executed with a good on screen chemistry between Gibson and Hunt. Another one that falls into the category of 'girls films for guys' and is worth a watch whatever your sex.

"If you know what women want, you can rule! "
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July 29, 2007
lighthearted entertainment,a real "Nice" movie made me laugh !!
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January 19, 2010
Incredibly corny and outlandish. I'm a huge Mel Gibson fan, but this was just too much. I really have no idea why this was ever taken seriously as a script. It's not bad enough to make fun of and it certainly isn't funny when you take it seriously.
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September 10, 2009
Mel Gibson's worst movie ever, period. Not 1/100000th as funny as the previews made it seem. Stay away from comedy, Mel.
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August 9, 2006
Mel in pantyhose. Hmmm...
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½ July 6, 2009
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½ September 10, 2007
I like this movie, its a really nice little romcom isnt it!
Its funny and mel gibson is brilliant in it!
The laughs are consistant throughout the movie and the acting is brilliant!
mel gibson plays a man who loses out on top job to a woman and soons starts to try even harder and when a job requires him to where makeup he falls into a bath with a blowdryer and in the morning finds himself hearing al the thoughts women think which he uses to his dvantage. but eventually he starts falling for helen hunt but has he ruined his chances and is hearing womens thoughts a gift or a curse??
Good movie really worth a watch!!
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November 28, 2007
"If you know what women want, you can rule!"

Never been a big fan of romantic comedies, only few of those kind of movies are indeed good, like "Love Actually" for example. What bothers me about romcoms is that they tend to be totally predictable and not that funny.

So, how do they try to get the audience to laugh? By making Mel Gibson wear makeup and tights? Not that funny. Some scenes were somewhat funnier but all in all, the comedy in this movie was lame.

Whilst a chauvinist pig tries to 'learn' what women actually want, Nancy Myers, the director, added a nice subplot to the movie, where an employee with suicidal thoughts gets Gibson's characters attention. Those scenes included Judy Greer who is always nice to look at. Same could be said about Marisa Tomei but unfortunately her screen time was very minimal.

"What Women Want" delivers some nice scenes but in overall, the film is just another lame romcom. What do women actually want then? The film doesn't give answers to that question, love could be an easy and unsurprising answer but this I do now... If men could read womens minds, life would be so much easier!
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November 11, 2008
I have a feeling this was actually written by a man...
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½ October 27, 2008
"He has the power to hear everything women are thinking. Finally... a man is listening."

A man finds himself getting an unexpected crash course in the psychology of contemporary women in this romantic comedy. Nick Marshall (Mel Gibson) is a successful advertising executive living in Chicago who has long fancied himself a ladies' man, though he has precious little understanding of women beyond figuring out how to seduce them. One day, Nick receives a substantial electric shock in an accident in his bathroom; while he's not seriously injured, when he comes to, he discovers something remarkable has happened -- he can suddenly hear what women are thinking. At first, Nick finds himself learning all sorts of things he didn't want to know, but he also realizes how this can be used to his advantage -- especially after his old boss, Dan Wanamaker (Alan Alda) is replaced by a woman, Darcy Maguire (Helen Hunt). But Nick begins to feel differently about his unusual gift when he discovers Darcy is infatuated with him, and he finds himself falling for her. What Women Want also features Bette Midler as Nick's analyst, Delta Burke and Valerie Perrine as two of his co-workers, and Marisa Tomei as one of Nick's significant others.

I popped in the DVD expecting a die-hard chick flick. I was pleasantly surprised. Mel Gibson plays a hilarious jerk. He is so selfish, egotistical and male chauvinistic that you can't help but laugh. He carries the movie from beginning to end, and does so with complete success.

Gibson plays a marketing executive who is passed up for an expected promotion because he needs to learn to market to the female demographic. While brainstorming an assignment related to this deficiency, he is electrocuted and blah blah blah you know the rest. What struck me about this movie was how realistic his personal transition was as a result of his newfound "skill". he didn't turn into a completely sympathetic mushmouth right away because that is not the sort of person he was.

The supporting cast, especially Alan Alda and Mark Feuerstein are all pretty good. Helen Hunt is adequate, but not completely believable as the tough savvy executive who takes Gibson's expected promotion right out from under him. She just does not come across as a particularly strong character.

The movie does dissolve into a cliched romantic comedy towards the end, but the journey up to that point makes it worthwhile.
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½ September 21, 2008
What Women Want is a smart film starring one of my ALL TIME Favs....Helen Hunt. oh yea Mel Gibson is in it too....lol

Both have good chemistry together and are battling the oppostie sex to see who is the better exec. At the same time Gibson battles with getting to hear all women's thoughts 24/7.
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½ July 1, 2008
One thing is clear, women want their movies crappy, braindead and sugary as hell.
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June 7, 2008
Entire cast is charming and hilarious. And for once, it doesn't bother me that all subplots tied up neatly and we get a sappy-happy ending. I guess I dig that "independent women" AREN'T pigeonholed into NOT needing a man, that a strong woman isn't any less evolved for wanting to fall in love. Even with someone she should hate.
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½ January 31, 2008
Very funny, much better then I expected although a little too slushy for my liking. LOVED when he got fired! XD
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½ October 30, 2007
for the life of me I cant help but sleep everytime I try to watch this movie. Just wasnt interested I guess.
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½ July 13, 2007
If only men could understand women. We'd all get along!
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July 10, 2007
Great idea for a comedy as an advertising executive is able to read womens minds! Has some great scenes and is bit of a romantic comedy as well, with a strong cast.
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July 8, 2007
Mel Gibson has a great performance in this best comedy movie that made me laugh so much.
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