• R, 1 hr. 46 min.
  • Comedy
  • Directed By:
    Mark Mylod
    In Theaters:
    Sep 30, 2011 Wide
    On DVD:
    Jan 10, 2012
  • 20th Century Fox


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What's Your Number? Reviews

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Cynthia S

Super Reviewer

July 8, 2011
I was VERY surprised by this movie! I thought it was adorable, and the way Anna Faris delivers some of her lines is just hysterical! Yes, there was some crude language, and some near naked people, but it was done tastefully, in my opinion (and funny). There are alot of very endearing, and touching moments. I found this VERY enjoyable...

Super Reviewer

July 23, 2011
Anna Faris once again proved that she firmly chose herself to be a rom-com actress with this movie.. Her performance just look the same like she always did in her previous movie, so nothing new for her.. While for the main actor, I'm really surprised to see the name of Chris Evans there.. In his busiest year for becoming the hero of America that been featured in two movie title : 'Captain America : The First Avenger' and 'The Avengers', he can still make time to make a rom-com movie which is his specialty because he got famous the first time when he featured in 'Another Teen Movie'.. For the story itself, ordinary and nothing special but still enjoyable to be watched.. Overall, it's a light rom-com that would be a good choice to be watched in your spare time if you already got bored with all Katherine Heigl's or Jennifer Aniston's..
Pedro H

Super Reviewer

November 11, 2011
Ally's looking for the best ex of her life.


This is a really fun chick-flick. It may seem really bad at first, but if you just lefty yourself enjoy it you will realize its funner than you think.

Ally(Faris) realises she has slept with more men than double the average American women. She realizes that she will end up lonely and in order to get married she needs to find one of her ex's. She hires Colin (Evans) to help her out, but they eventually start falling deeply in love with each other.

The movie has a very predictable storyline, and the acting may seem average (even though I love Anna Faris), but still under those circumstances the movie proofs to be a good film. Definitely shows you a good time, has awesome cameo's and really fun laughs.

Ally Darling: " My husband is in the north pole. He's a scientist too. He's dealing with the whole ice cap situation. Yeah. He's probably going to fix it."

Super Reviewer

January 12, 2011
Cast: Anna Faris, Chris Evans, Ari Graynor, Blythe Danner, Ed Begley Jr., Joel McHale, Chris Pratt, Zachary Quinto, Andy Samberg, Thomas Lennon

Director: Mark Mylod

Summary: Ally is a twentysomething who begins to suspect that her one true soul mate may be among the many lovers she has left in the dust. Turning to her neighbor for help, Ally begins a quest to locate her exes to see which one might be Mr. Right.

My Thoughts: "You would have to be blind not to see how this film was going to end. But not many rom-coms are original. I wouldn't even mind how boringly un-original it was, IF it was funnier. I find Anna Faris and Ari Graynor to be two very funny girls, so their talent was completely wasted on this. It could have been so much better. Chris Evans is pretty much half naked the entire movie which for me was a plus lol. Seriously though, I really wanted to kick back and watch a silly rom-com and laugh. Unfortunately you only get a few good laughs out of this film. I wanted it to be better because I really liked the character's and the actor's in the film, but it just didn't live up to my expectations. It's forgettable."
Lewis C

Super Reviewer

December 8, 2010
What's Your Number? is really just a variation on the common semi-raunchy romantic comedy, but that's okay if you're not looking for anything more. Not the funniest movie I've seen, but funnier than some similar flicks (thanks to Anna Faris, who I seriously think I could watch in almost anything). The story follows the typical template to the letter, but I can put up with a lot of the same old same same old for half-naked Anna.
Nicki M

Super Reviewer

February 11, 2012
Not the best rom com going, but it was enjoyable enough, mainly due to the cast. I watched the extended DVD version, which at two hours felt a little too long, maybe I will go for the shorter one if there is a next time.
Anna Farris is always amusing, and I liked her imperfect character here. A few laughs and a happy ending - not much more to ask for in this genre!
Wildaly M

Super Reviewer

December 24, 2011
I thought it would be better. Too formulaic. Average.

Super Reviewer

October 2, 2011
Should be called By the Numbers instead so cliched is the script and if you don't know where it's going you haven't seen many movies. However Chris Evans is a facile comic actor and charming to boot so that helps quite a bit, Anna Faris also works hard to make something out of very little so if you are a fan of either this is an okay, but only okay, watch.
Julie B

Super Reviewer

May 10, 2011
I dunno. For a silly rom-com, I didn't think it was as bad as everyone else seems to think.

Super Reviewer

September 29, 2011
Ally's looking for the best ex of her life.

Not bad but not that great either. It's funny at times but the whole story is just so stupid and I can't help but detest to look at Anna Faris with her fake boobs and her made lips. It's a girly movie and I think guys should just avoid this completely.

Ally is a woman who has many ex-boyfriends who turned out to be losers. Now she believes that she can't find a good guy. But when she runs into one of her exes who is now a 'Prince Charming', she decides to look up all of her exes to see if any of them have changed for the better. And when she has trouble locating them, she asks her neighbor Colin, who sleeps with women every night and sneaks out the morning after to avoid talking to them, to help her.
Everett J

Super Reviewer

January 20, 2012
Some comedy concepts sound awesome, but are executed so poorly, it makes the idea seem dumb in the first place. "What's Your Number?" is just like that. It's a movie about a woman named Ally(Anna Faris) who reads an article about how many men women on average have slept with. She does the math and realizes she has slept with 19 guys, and thinks if she goes to 20 or more, she won't ever get married. She enlists the help of her neighbor Colin(Chris Evans)to help her go through all her ex's and see if she can rekindle an old love, and not go over 20 different people. Farris isn't as annoying as what she usually is, but she is kind of dull and looks completely fake. She appears to have had a lot of plastic surgery, so much so it's distracting. Evans is ok, but he isn't his usual funny/charming self. Overall, the movie just isn't very funny, and it runs way too long at almost two hours. If this were 80 minutes long, it may have worked a lot better. But instead it feels dragged out, and just a waste of time . Check out "House Bunny" or anything else instead really.

Super Reviewer

December 25, 2011
I personally thought it was hella funny! Especially the British accent one was hilarious!
Matt G

Super Reviewer

September 20, 2011
Man, was this better then expected. The only reason this film works at all is due to a stellar cast boasting the greats of Anna Faris, Blythe Danner, Joel McHale, and Captain America himself Chris Evans. Laughs come and go throughout, but when they come, they are hilarious. The thing that brings the film down is it's lazy writing as well as the CONSTANT use of penis-vagina jokes. Had so much potential, and was only used for the half of what it could've been.
Matheus C

Super Reviewer

October 3, 2011
Não é apenas através de arrogância, guerras infundadas e decisões políticas megalomaníacas que se estimula o sentimento de anti-americanismo: também é através de comédias estúpidas como essa que defendem a midiatização de relacionamentos, personagens que possuem motivações não apenas estapafúrdias mas também desprezíveis e a comercialização de um estilo de vida tão descartável quanto esse filme. Anna Faris, pela sua filmografia você mesmo pode não acreditar nisso, mas sabemos que você é capaz de muito mais.
Mark H

Super Reviewer

October 3, 2011
Poor Anna Faris. She just can't seem to catch a break. Young, pretty and capable she has the ability to play a ditzy blonde better than any other actress of her generation. I mean that as a compliment of the highest order. After all, Marilyn Monroe made a career of it. The difference is Marilyn found herself in a dozen classics that still hold up today. Anna hasn't been so lucky. There's her memorable turns in Lost in Translation and Brokeback Mountain. And the only reason The House Bunny and Just Friends worked, were because of her considerable charisma. But little else has been worthy of her talents. Where is the vehicle that will catapult her fame into the stratosphere? Keep looking. What's Your Number? is not that film.

What's Your Number? is painstakingly unfunny. The featherweight script is shockingly based on a 2006 novel by Karyn Bosnak entitled 20 Times a Lady. There's absolutely nothing even remotely literary about the dialogue which suggests there's nothing more humiliating than a woman without a man. It starts out, rather inauspiciously, with the same exact joke as Bridesmaids. Reminding the audience about the funniest movie of the year is generally not a bright idea unless you plan to raise the bar and be ever better. No such luck here. Everything from the jokes to the situations, feels desperate and stupid. That is, when the plot isn't relying on mind numbing formula. It's devoid of funny lines, laughs and charm. A tragic trifecta in a romantic comedy. If not for Anna Faris and Chris Evans, the entire exercise would have been excruciating. Ok, I guess it was kind of excruciating anyway.

Super Reviewer

August 11, 2012
Anna Faris and Chris Evans performances are the best reason to catch this flick. They have a great on screen chemistry here. The film needed a rewrite. They had a good idea for a story but didn't execute it correctly.
John B

Super Reviewer

October 26, 2011
Waste of time with a telegraphed story and twists that one can see a mile off. Anna Ferris may be charming to some but she can't pull this crap off. I hope they were all well paid.

Super Reviewer

February 15, 2012
I am not sure why am I doing all this sacrificing for my wife, but watching this was just that - sacrifice! This romantic comedy starring Anna Faris and Chris Evans is based on very shallow Karyn Bosnak's book 20 Times a Lady! Of course, from a shallow book all you can get is shallower movie. Yes, ladies will cry "Chris Evans is yummy..." , and that's it in this movie. I'll say Anna Faris is cute... but this is NOT a petting zoo competition and I have to give a negative review! I want some quality... any...screenplay, camera work, directing... and this one was like a female magazine, just glamour shots with stupid comments playing on female insecurities which, originaly, those magazines actually created.

Enough time wasting on this one... if you are a horny "lady" (which my 8 months pregnant wife obviously is) and want some rude jokes, please, watch it... all others, avoid it!

Super Reviewer

August 27, 2011
Pretty good.
Christopher H

Super Reviewer

September 3, 2011
Saved mainly by Chris Evans as the next door neighbor-slash-love interest and Anna Faris looking better than ever, with some impressive comedic timing, this comedy is allowed to be raunchy and R-rated, with only the predictable romantic comedy plot structure to hold it down.
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