• R, 1 hr. 40 min.
  • Comedy
  • Directed By:
    Art Linson
    In Theaters:
    Apr 25, 1980 Wide
    On DVD:
    Jan 11, 2000
  • Universal Studios


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Where the Buffalo Roam Reviews

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Lucas M

Super Reviewer

May 27, 2011
It's about Hunter Thompson and is with Bill Murray, so it have everything to go right. But a screenplay kill a probably good movie that become silly and flat picture.
Graham J

Super Reviewer

November 20, 2011
Ridiculous but still entertaining.

Super Reviewer

October 13, 2011
This was the Hunter S. Thompson movie before Terry Gilliam decided to do his version. It's more of a series of episodic vignettes based on several of Thompson's stories instead of being an adaptation of just one. It basically covers Thompson's relationship with Chicano lawyer "Carl Lazlo Esq." during Hunter's attempts to cover Super Bowl VI and the '72 Presidential Campaign, as well as some other crazy shenanigans.

The film doesn't quite do justice to Hunter, his relatiosnhip with Lazlo, or the source material, but it is faithful to the spirit of gonzo journalism and Thompson's nuttiness. Plus, the performances are not too bad. Their far less histrionic than the ones in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, but the actos still really get into character, and it's funny as hell watching Bill Murray and Peter Boyle do Thompson and Lazlo, respectively.

This is a chaotic mess of a film, but it is rather fascinating to watch. It's not really a complete success as a movie, but it is entertaining. It's kind of a bummer that this is so underappreciated and not given all that much time of day. You gotta be in the right mood for something like this, but it is worth a watch, despite the flaws.

Super Reviewer

September 6, 2010
Watching this movie, I was expecting a comedy, but it's really more of a biography of journalist Hunter S. Thompson, and as that it's interesting, but not enjoyable enough. Only see this if you're a fan of his work.

Super Reviewer

October 23, 2007
This movie was like 100% un-entertaining. Not once did I find it enjoyable. It's only interesting to see how crazy H.S. Thompson was, but unlike Fear and Loathing it focuses more on his Lawyer being the real crazy. I realize now why this one isn't as popular.
Ken S

Super Reviewer

May 5, 2007
Better than Fear and Loathing...but not my cup of tea
Michael G

Super Reviewer

November 12, 2006
Not quite Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, but how can you be upset at the possibility of Bill Murray playing Hunter S. Thompson? It's silly and a must for any HST fan.
Dann M

Super Reviewer

March 22, 2012
Where the Buffalo Roam is a comedic drama that seems as lost and befuddled as its main character. Based on the experiences of Hunter S. Thompson, the story follows the meandering exploits of an outlaw "gonzo" journalist. Bill Murray plays the lead, but fails make Thompson sympathetic or interesting. And the storytelling is exceptionally poor; there's no rhyme or reason as to where and when the film jumps to, and no attempt is made to give context and meaning to the character's journey. Where the Buffalo Roam is a chaotic mess of a film that serves no purpose.
Mike T

Super Reviewer

February 17, 2008
Bill Murray is in top form in this film, and it is mainly him that makes it as entertaining and interesting as it is. Filled with constant mayhem and hilarity, this one's definitely worth a watch.
Marcus W

Super Reviewer

June 4, 2009
This isn't as downright mental as Fear and Loathing, but it's still a decent portrayal of the original "gonzo" journalist - played beautifully here by Murray - Hunter S. Thompson. And don't waste your time looking for a plot...
ken j

Super Reviewer

April 15, 2008
Well way before there ever was a film Fear and Loathing came this movie starring Bill Murray as Hunter S Thompson and Peter Boyle as his out of control lawyer the only difference between this and fear and loathing is this was more straightforward and not so out of control as the one with johnny depp but Murray as Thompson i would have to say in one of his best roles comes across perfect and the funny moments are spot on worth a watch for fans of murrays and thompson or who feel they wanna see a slightly different version to depps performance

Super Reviewer

April 22, 2007
OK but I prefer Fear & Loathing better.
May 29, 2014
Before Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas there was Where the Buffalo roam before Johnny Depp there was Bill Murray. A loose biography of Hunter S Thompsons filled with wild behavior fueled by drugs in the late 60s into the Nixon era. The stories are taken from when he was a journalist for the Rolling Stones.This movie does not have the visuals unlike Fear and Loathing known for the vivid hallucinations and trippy images. More in depth about the lates 60s turn 70s american culture. Its not all about HST but the relationship between him and his attorney.

From the beginning you can tell it was good choice to choose Bill Murray to play Hunter S Thompson copying his behavior and speech. His narrative voice-over throughout this movie displays his thoughts and views using his style that he known for. Not filled with wild antics and chaos like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas more of an insight on the gonzo journalist.
August 13, 2013
Not that the movie sucks, just the writing really stunk and it is mighty unfunny. See Where the Buffalo Roam starring Bill Murray in the first attempt to adapt the works of gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson. The film is based on several of his works which none of them really work. Peter Boyle co-stars as Thompson attorney, based on the missing Oscar Acosta. Now, there wasn't really much of a plot other than Murray and Boyle acting like complete butts as they pillage and hopped up on drugs. I could not follow the film. There are some amusing scenes one involving a man, a dog, and Nixon. Attaboy!
October 18, 2009
Crazy, but not as drug filled or as memorable as Fear and Loathing. There were moments of greatness, but ultimately it falls short.
April 8, 2011
If you are a Bill Murray fan, or a fan of fear and loathing, you need to check this out. Good flick!!
September 20, 2008
If you're either interested in the life of Hunter Thompson or are studying journalism you will enjoy seeing this movie, but if you're just wanting to see a comedy you'll be disappointed like I was. There are a lot of outrageous things that happen in the movie, but most of it isn't funny. Plus, I didn't like the ending either, it doesn't tell you much of anything.
August 1, 2010
Bill Murray's character based on Hunter S. Thompson was amazingly accurate and funny. Still love Fear and Loathing more, but this is a close second.
July 2, 2010
Hunter S. Thompson will ALWAYS be my hero and Bill Murray did an awesome job portraying him in this movie! :)
December 3, 2009
Excellent! I have a great appreciation for this movie and its innovative humor and blaitant disregard for the political burdens of the time. Great imagining of the life of Thompson and Laslo prior to the excellent remake by Depp and Del Toro.
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