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Profoundly beautiful and affecting, Where the Wild Things Are is a breath-
taking act of artistic transubstantiation.

October 14, 2009 Full Review Source: Entertainment Weekly | Comments (8)
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Ben P.

Ben Puffer

Transubstantiation? Hey, I thought this was a review, not an English course!

Oct 14 - 08:48 PM


David Quintero

I heard that in the physical manner Spike Jones did a great job in adapting the image of the monsters and the world. But I also heard that it had a lack of imagination in dialouge in transforming monsters. Also I would like to add to the blog under mine. IF you don't understand a word look it up in the dictionary. If everyone dumbed down their ideas the whole world would be stupid. Not an insult just a suggestion.

Oct 15 - 08:38 AM


jeremiah brookes

Oh yeah, well how bout.......Translucentatoryagoraphobicalifragilistic. My word is bigger than yours. Take that, woman of the night!!!

Oct 15 - 09:33 AM


Matt Welch

All the reviews that love it seem to love it to death, as this one did. Transubstantiation is not a big word, by the way. It may be long, but its meaning is fairly easy to learn and is surely taught in high school or earlier.

Oct 15 - 03:22 PM

Steve W.

Steve Wirzba

The dialogue in this movie is fairly scarce, thats true. But I think it was totally effective; overwriting in movies and tv is such a pet peeve of mine. It goes back to the saying about not what you can add to something, but what can you take out. Do you need a line or lines to say this? Can it be said by an expression? The wonderful wild things (max included) in this movie prove this idea.

Oct 16 - 11:42 PM

Terry S.

Terry Stetler


The only transubstantiation in this film was the change from a great kids book into a lousy movie.

Our 11 year old hated it. Our 6 year old grandson fell asleep. Heard other kids in the audience remarking they didn't like it either.

The 4 adults in our groups all love the book but found this adaptation dull, plodding and in general too darned Freudian.

Waste of time and money.

Oct 17 - 10:50 PM

Terry S.

Terry Stetler


The only transubstantiation was from a classic kids book into a lousy movie.

In our group of 6 the 2 kids hated it and the 4 adults were flat disappointed that a book they loved was so poorly adapted.

Yes, the production quality was good but a good movie needs more than that. How about not being plodding, discontinuous and overly Freudian?

Others in the audience either left early, very early, or voiced similar opinions on the way out.

Oct 17 - 10:55 PM


steve smith

This was one of the most borrrrrring unenvolving movies of all time without a script or a clever idea. My friend fell asleep and I almost did twice To think you have the brains to be a movie critic is like a person with no tongue pretending to be a food critic. People like Spike Jonez the wanna-be fleeb should be SHOT

Nov 13 - 01:18 AM

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