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April 13, 2007
If you love hip-hop, then you will LOVE this movie!
April 13, 2007
just watched this last night...STUPID
March 28, 2007
who remembers this hip hop flick. The cop car with hydrolics
January 23, 2007
December 8, 2006
This film looks alright , i would like to see it!
October 5, 2006
i thought this was rubbish
September 28, 2006
This looks really crap.
½ September 12, 2006
Surprisingly funny film.
September 4, 2006
looks really funny,so want to see it
March 25, 2006
I rented this movie a long time ago and have no clue why. Minimal laughs make this film a solid 2 stars.
½ February 4, 2004
Dudes I found this hidden gem at Best Buy the other day and just watched it. Its kind of a stupid movie, but entertaining and sometimes funny. There are a butt load of Cameos from different hip-hop stars of the nineties. Overall it's entertaining, but not for everyone. Bernie Mac is in it as well and he's maybe the funniest character. One thing boggles my mind I swear he was much blacker in that movie then he is now. Maybe Im just imagining things, but if any of you have seen this let me know if you think the same thing.
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