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½ August 16, 2008
Pretty terrible... actually, amazingly terrible. But in one of those hilarious manners than seemingly only Meyer can pull off with just the right amount of sleaziness and still, bizarrely, a childish sense of humor.

The film amounts to a silent-film gag reel of running jokes and slapstick with an absurd amount of gratuitous, but totally nonsexual (to our current standards), nudity.

Most of the jokes are awful, poorly executed, and utterly strange... yet combined with the childish perverseness of Russ Meyer, it amounts to something to stare in awe at, incredulously elbowing your friends and remarking "It may be trashing, I may not know what the blazes is going on... but it sure as hell isn't boring."
July 12, 2012
Russ Meyer truly at depicting the real buxom ladies. A true appetite of man who is so much deeply in love with voluptuous figure of female body. Don't expect anything miraculous, but be happy to see some vintage stuff.
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