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Wild in the Streets Reviews

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June 6, 2013
When rock and roll star Jones wants the people to follow they listen. Like a maniac cult leader he doese the water in D.C. with LSD and has congress change the voting age to 14 and with the majority of voters he gets elected to be president. Swift changes forcing 30 years old to retire and 35 and older they are sent to POW camps to be enlightened. Far out and almost sci fiction, this movie has groovy songs and wild attire of the late 60's. a real turn on, man!
February 18, 2013
Not a good movie, but a thought provoking premise.
July 5, 2007
This was a really crazy, cool, 1960s counter culture movie.
August 3, 2012
A good but quirky movie for 1968. A very dated film at present
April 12, 2012
Now here's something you don't se every day. Imagine David Hasselhoff joining The Kinks/The Doors in 1968 and kind of takes over the whole of the USA.

The voting age is lowered to 14 years of age and the whole country is thrown into anarchy. It's ridicolous, It featuers film footage from Vietnam protests that have absolutely nothing to do with the plot. We are served the idea that beeing young is beeing a threat to society itself. The whole thing is so stupid it makes fun sence. I do regret not being more drunk watching this for the first time.
April 8, 2012
This is a great movie it's a must see :)

Super Reviewer

July 15, 2011
Hippie dippy ridiculousness is a true artifact of it's time. Preposterous concept of lowering the retirement age to 30 and impounding all the retirees in militant psychodelic camps is silly enough but throw in all the groovy 60's speak, far out outfits and Shelley Winters abandoning any pretext of modulating her performance and what you end up with is not the happening experience the producers were surely hoping for but a sloppy mess that if nothing else is good for a few laughs. Peace out baby!
May 21, 2011
This movie reminded me of a ton of other films, but m
Shane D

Super Reviewer

October 28, 2009
WATCH THIS FUCKIN' MOVIE. Dated though it may be, this is none the less one of the best movies ever made about the social climate of the sixties, with a great cast, story, and message. No one is spared as both the hippy youth and the over thirty "squares" get gloriously hacked up by the meat cleaver that is good satire.
December 27, 2010
I have nothing against our current President... that's like running against my own grandfather. I mean, what do you ask a 60-year-old man? - You ask him if he wants his wheelchair FACING the sun, or facing AWAY from the sun. But running the country? FORGET IT, babies!
We're gonna make 30 a manditory retirement age,we're gonna psych em all out on LSD baby!

Super Reviewer

September 5, 2010
Wild is the key term here, the story is really out there, I mean a teenager is so popular he becomes like the president of the US by lowering the voting age and then the ending is so crazy, I loved it. This movie has a good cast too, look for Pryor in a small role. I really liked this movie, it's wild.
May 10, 2010
Christopher Jones was the most brilliant actor to come on the scene since Brando. An actor that had so much potential and just walked away from it all (shakes head). This movie of his is a wonderful, guilty pleasure movie to see. Shelley Winters is over the top as his mom. The scene in the stairwell is fantastic as is the one when she is holed up in the house when they are coming to take her away. I always have and always will own a copy of this movie. :D
August 2, 2009
Never under-estimate
January 15, 2009
It was actually a very interesting movie. It was about how the "Younger Generation" decides that they should rule the US and the results of that decision.
March 11, 2008
Un film d'exploitation pour les teenagers, avec une histoire assez marrante. Formellement pas hyper original, mais l'histoire est bien menée et rigolote, la musique est mortelle (garage dans le style de mitch ryder, avec des cotés blue eyed soul donc), bref personnellement j'ai pris mon pied en le voyant, c'est évident que c'est pas un "classique" mais c'est un film terrible pour comprendre l'époque
March 9, 2008
WORST MOVIE I'VE EVER SEEN (and I've seen Plan 9 From Outer Space...)
February 1, 2008
watch out we're back
August 22, 2007
Not a good movie, but a thought provoking premise.
July 21, 2007
One of the best Political movies of all time !!!
Includes a great 60s' soundtrack
June 22, 2007
A tale of youth or you're flick.
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