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½ October 1, 2013
Bill Nighy can do no wrong, and Rupert Grint shows he can survive outside the HP franchise.
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January 19, 2013
Started off okay and then went downhill fast. Was it meant to be funny? It wasn't. Stupid characters and boring storyline. The star is for Emily Blunt and her outfits.
I switched it off 40 minutes in. I get the impression she was heading for a romance with the 52 year old hitman, which gives me the creeps.
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½ July 9, 2012
A hit man falls for his target, a charming kleptomaniac, and agrees to protect her from the mobster who hired him.
There isn't much to this film, but it's fun to watch Bill Nighy, who can make reading the phone book interesting. I also liked Martin Freeman who shows off a set of fake teeth like a badge of honor.
Overall, don't go to this film if you're seeking substance or good adventure sequences, but if you're a fan of Nighy, then you'll be relatively satisfied.
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May 14, 2012
Think 'A Fish Called Wanda' and 'Clockwise' and you have an idea of how this quirky little British film plays out. Bill Nighy is against cast as a ageing hitman who looks after his also ageing mother whilst doing his daily job of taking people out.

It sounds hilarious on paper and is a fun film, its just not quite as sharp as you might hope for. Nighy of course is the best thing in the film as the stiff upper lipped, tight assed gentleman hitman, a kind of 'Basil Fawlty' hitman who frowns upon anything modern or unusual in his world.

The rest of the cast are a jumbled mix of British character actors who add spice to the plot but not quite as much as Nighy. Freeman as the other hired assassin on the job is surprisingly eerie with his bleached teeth and slick hair, his partner in crime is Geoff Bell who always plays the scary hardman but parodies this beautifully here. Both are a great team up for this film and compliment Nighy so well, the other cast members do the job but nothing to rave about, Everett doesn't quite fit his role as head gangster if you ask me whilst Grint can't shake his 'Potter' background I'm afraid.

There isn't anything particularly original here, the hitman thing has been done to death but mixing it with an anal stuffy ageing British aristocratic business man type is a neat little idea. There isn't a great deal more on offer other than that small concept, the rest of the humour is average and the film does lull towards the end, the final idea of the two leads getting married and having a kid is rather icky frankly haha age gap much?

A nice entertaining black comedy which would have been perfect for John Cleese many years ago but Nighy is still good fare and still flies the flag for Britain just fine.
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½ October 28, 2010
Awesome comedy of the hired assassins as American and English producers are seemingly out of ideas, or convinced no-one watches films made off their shores. French archives are a regular source of US/UK rip-offs - sorry, homages - with this light British hitman caper based upon a 1993 Jean Rochefort farce.
Bubbly Emily Blunt stretches to make us believe the crap con-job she does on Rupert Everett's underused baddie, while Bill Nighy is custom-built for a lonely, proper killer suddenly losing control. But Harry Potter tag-along Rupert Grint, as homeless dude Tony, doesn't just get involved with Victor (Nighy) and Rose (Blunt) in a paltry way. His continued presence is the stuff of slim pickings greatly assisting with how the black-comedy screwballing of the first act segues into standard drama which loosens the grip on your laughing gear.
Aside from the Grint factor, Wild Target also gets wonky when young Rose begins to fall for creaky Victor. Nighy and Blunt can sell it, but you won't be buying.
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August 19, 2011
Tony: You know I'm a terrible shot. I could easily aim at your head and blow your balls off. 

"They said 'take her out'. He got the wrong idea."

I'm slightly disappointed with Wild Target, but I still did find it pleasant and every once in awhile really funny; just not often enough. Before going in I knew what the best part of this movie was going to be; Emily Blunt. She didn't disappoint either. Bill Nighy is pretty good too. Rupert Grint is okay and it is nice to see him in something other then Harry Potter. As for the movie itself it does go through stretches where it's just not funny. It's easy to tell it's trying to be funny, but it's just not. 

The film does enough charm to get by though; mostly due to Emily Blunt. The movie follows an older hit man. He's supposed to kill a woman who ripped off a gangster and got away with a lot of money. Instead he begins to protect her. The story has a lot of potential in it and that is why the movie is a little disappointing. It could of been great. Instead, it's just decent. 

If your a fan of Bill Nighy or Emily Blunt; give it a watch. They are both good in it, even if the movie doesn't come together perfectly. It's entertaining enough to hold your attention for the entire film; just don't expect too much more then that.
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½ July 30, 2010
They said 'Take her out'. He got the wrong idea.

Very good English funny film. The story was quite interesting and the funny moments were epic. Emily Blunt is very talented beautiful actress which we will see in movies to come for a few years and Bill Nighy was born for comedy. It was nice to see Rupert Grint get out of the ginger role of Harry Potter films and do something else. Very recommended to all.

Victor Maynard is a middle-aged, solitary assassin, who lives to please his formidable mother, despite his own peerless reputation for lethal efficiency. His professional routine is interrupted when he finds himself drawn to one of his intended victims, Rose. He spares her life, unexpectedly acquiring in the process a young apprentice, Tony. Believing Victor to be a private detective, his two new companions tag along, while he attempts to thwart the murderous attentions of his unhappy client.
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June 28, 2011
A decent little English comedy about an aging hitman who lives his life by strict rules and discipline. This all goes out the window when he can't kill his latest target a young con-artist and is aided by a young runaway in trying to protect her. It has quite a few funny moments and some very British humour in this black comedy. A great cast raise the standard and it has a certain charm about it.
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½ April 30, 2011
It's a wild and thoroughly enjoyable comedy. A hilarious, surprisingly heartfelt and wonderful good time loaded with wit, romance and great chemistry from it's tremendous cast. Bill Nighy is wonderfully good. Emily Blunt is just a gem. Rupert Grint is terrific. These three are a fantastic and outrageous combination. A great film that's just a cool and lovable thrill to watch. A full-clip of fun and heart.
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April 19, 2011
A very funny film about an ageing Hit Man and his target whom he falls in love with. After being hire to kill her he follows her and kills the man about ready to kill her, while trying to make there escape in a cooper they come across another killer in the backseat who the attended shoots and becomes involved. Also the hitman's Mom gets involve overall an enjoyable funny film. Worth 5 Stars
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December 4, 2009
"Tony, come and see what happens when you don't clean your gun."

What could have been an excellent action-comedy with a great cast, ends up being an okay action-comedy with a great cast.

Bill Nighy is a professional assassin who turns bodyguard when he feels compelled to protect a thieving young woman (Emily Blunt) that he's been hired to kill. The two go on the run from other assassins (including Martin Freeman), accompanied by a young man (Rupert Grint) who just so happens to get caught up in their misadventures.

It's fun to see Bill Nighy and Emily Blunt (mercy, what a beautiful woman) running around maniacally, and arguing with one another, but Wild Target isn't quite as funny as it had the potential to be. Rupert Grint's character just seems extraneous, and adds little humor or anything else, to the proceedings.

I think that Wild Target is worth a rental or watching on TV if you're a fan of the cast, but I'd think twice before buying it sight unseen.
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½ November 21, 2010
Thoroughly enjoyable British comedy. Billy Nighy is transfixing.
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November 20, 2010
the premise is hard to overcome: middle-aged man sparking w/a younger woman - blech! ... who wants to watch that? - but charming stars make you embarrassed you had the trepidation to begin with (as cary grant and audrey hepburn proved in "charade"). similarly here bill nighy and emily blunt ooze charm like ihop has hot butter on sundays. this is beyond a doubt the best nighy's done in awhile and certainly the least cartoonish, turning an unlikeable character into a gent. and blunt is the center of every scene she's in, sexy yet innocent at the same time, i don't know how she does it. and here's a film with, count 'em, two ruperts in it. how often does that happen??? grint is the surprise, capably holding his own in deeper waters than i've ever seen him in. don't let this brit charmer get by you.
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½ November 8, 2010
Jonathan Lynn's Wild Target has got the wild and it's got the target.This film doesn't blow the roof off the house, and quite frankly it doesn't try to. The humor is obvious, yet effective, and the lively style transforms an assassin picture into a comedic love story without a plethora of lovey-dovey romance. The run time is a brief 90 minutes, but there is some drag in the middle and some of the characters lack sufficient development; however, the slapstick antics and dialogue help cover up these flaws.Despite the concept of the plot, Wild Target is rather scarce when it comes to the action, and what little there is isn't astonishing in any way. This is a minor disappointment in the grand scheme of things.Bill Nighy and Emily Blunt are fantastic with great introductions, while Blunt gives the movie its name. Rupert Grint is one of those characters without much of a background, but he still manages to amuse. The same can be said about Martin Freeman.Wild Target is quirky and buoyant in nature, which ends up as a relaxing good time. "Don't make me shoot first and ask questions later."
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½ October 2, 2010
"My ear, you sick bastard!" "Put it on ice!"

A hitman tries to retire but a beautiful thief may change his plans.

This highly improbable film works, and it works because the two main actors (Nighy playing the driest of dry old sticks, and Blunt playing an amoral but good-hearted free spirit) deliver their parts with the utmost conviction. The script is gently humorous rather than laugh-out-loud funny, but a smile hit my face very early on and seldom left it.

Rupert Grint gets a bit more to do than simply be Ron Weasley after having left school, but is otherwise fairly disposable. Martin Freeman showcases some splendidly unlikely teeth. Emily Blunt plays much more attractively than she has in any other film I've seen her in, and takes part in a foot massage scene with Nighy which is, frankly, the most sensuous scene I've seen on screen for a long time.

The movie was made by the same production company which made A Bunch Of Amateurs a couple of years ago and, notwithstanding the subject matter, it has a similar feel to it. But deduct a point for a title which is so bland as to be meaningless.
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June 10, 2010
its was very amusing throughout, with a great british cast, hwever i found the ending really weird and strange!

still worth the watch though.
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½ October 6, 2010
I thoroughly enjoyed this film and found the story to be original and funny throughout, even though is a remake of 1993 French film Cible émouvante. Emily Blunt plays an extremely sexy con-artist who crosses paths with an up-tight Bill Nighy playing a professional assassin hired to kill her.

The characters are likable and well-cast. Bill Nighy and Emily Blunt strike up a modern day love-story that is unconventional and yet somehow totally believable. The family bond that is established with Rupert Grint as the adopted son worked very well and was charming.

If you want to see something different, interesting and funny then I really recommend giving this film a chance.
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July 11, 2010
Cast: Bill Nighy, Emily Blunt, Rupert Grint, Eileen Atkins, Rupert Everett, Martin Freeman, Gregor Fisher, James O'Donnell

Director: Jonathan Lynn

Summary: When veteran hit man Victor Maynard (Bill Nighy) finds himself unable to kill his latest target, Rose (Emily Blunt), he winds up with an unexpected sidekick, Tony (Rupert Grint), who thinks Victor is a detective in this action-packed comedy from Britain. Now, with Rose and Tony tagging along, Victor tries to deal with the dual forces of his overbearing mother (Eileen Atkins) and a very angry client (Rupert Everett) who wants Rose dead.

My Thoughts: "I thoroughly enjoyed this film and found the story to be original and funny throughout. The characters are quirky with offbeat humour and just make the movie even more enjoyable. Billy Nighy, Emily Blunt and Rupert Grint give terrific performances with a great supporting cast from Martin Freeman, Gregory Fisher and Eileen Atkins who make the most of their time on the screen. The movie is quite funny, in it being the characters, the dialogue, or just the predicaments they find themselves in. I really haven't enjoyed a film like this in awhile. It was a nice change from some of the other comedies I have seen of late. I found this one to be much smarter and done better. Just a great British comedy."
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½ July 31, 2013
This one was a lot of fun, with Emily Blunt as a con artist who rips off an art collector, and Bill Nighy as the hit man hired to exact revenge. Charmed by her wild streak, however, he becomes her body guard and the target of the vengeful collector and his henchmen. Lots of great lines, and always the radiantly beautiful Ms Blunt to light up the screen. Not particularly original, but still, for all that, very entertaining. I thought Bill Nighy was just perfect as the meticulously careful hit man, Victor Maynard, who finds himself in uncharted territory. Rupert Grint added a bit of comic relief as a kid who gets swept up in circumstances and becomes Victor's protege. The supporting cast was well chosen and carried off their roles spotlessly.
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March 16, 2012
In "Wild Target," Victor Maynard(Bill Nighy) is a 54-year old hit man who is learning French. Despite all of that, his mother(Eileen Atkins) still would like grandchildren. Enter Rose(Emily Blunt) who is running a scam with Gerry(Rory Kinnear) to defraud Ferguson(Rupert Everett) of a cool million. Needless to say, he is less than pleased when he discovers the deception, hiring Victor to correct his mistake. However, he breaks his business ethics for the first time by not pulling the trigger when he has Rose in his sights. Trying to make amends with his employer, he only ends up saving her life with the help of Tony(Rupert Grint), a bystander, as they end up running over the wrong person trying to escape.

"Wild Target" has some legitimate laugh out loud moments. A lot of that comes down to Bill Nighy's droll line readings and Eileen Atkins being such a hoot, not to mention Rupert Everett's always welcome presence. Sadly, the script is saddled with the ancient cliche of a wacky woman teaching an uptight man how to live, albeit with a little life and death symbolism sprinkled in. Much of which only goes around in circles, sometimes literally. And as much as we know about Victor and his insane family, Rose simply remains a two-dimensional character while Tony is trapped in a single dimension.
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