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October 12, 2007
Wonderful music, great performances by Susan Hayward and Thelma Ritter. Absolutely rousing finale.
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May 28, 2014
A tad bit overly sentimental. Susan Hayward cannot be blamed and makes the most of a contrived story.
October 5, 2008
True story of a very talented singer in the 40's who after being in a plane crash, and having life altering injuries, still went overseas and tirelessly entertained the troops. Susan Hayward did an awesome job playing Jane Froman...you couldn't tell she was lipsyncing...and they actually used Jane's real voice for the songs. Some of the scenes and lines were corny and dumb, but when you realize what this woman went through, and the fact that they stick pretty close to her story, it makes the movie that much more interesting and that is the reason I gave this 4 stars.
½ July 26, 2008
Not quite as good as I expected it would be, but not bad. Was surprised that it was in Technicolor--most of Hayward's biopics were in b&w.
April 2, 2008
One of my favorite movies. Very inspirational. Robert Wagner, as a shell-shocked young soldier, was such a cute young man. Great musical score.
March 4, 2009
Susan Hayward does an amazing job as Jane Froman. This is her picture all the way. Very well made, good costumes, excellent music score. Always interesting and the characters are very well defined.
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