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Wolverine's backstory was good stuff -- but after the falling out with Schreiber, the story loses its center and it gets wobbly.

May 4, 2009 Full Review Source: At the Movies | Comments (8)
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jim g.

jim gazan

The backstory is the worst aspect of the film, leaving it empty. Unless the comics covered this, what was the story behind the two fathers? Why did Sabertooth turn so dark, when he seemed to be the stable older brother protecting his sibling. He didn't kill his own father. It's all very bad! Shame on you for thinking this is good stuff.

May 4 - 11:07 PM

Tracey S.

Tracey Smith

Uhmm.. Hello... people, ... it is supposed to leave you guessing for the next frickin movie.
There are enough subtle hints.
Like, the Dad is their dad.. he probably didn't die.. he probably just took a second to heal. And Saber probably had a good reason for running. Some dark reason maybe... I saw hints at something to come and enjoyed the complications and confusion of that moment.

May 5 - 09:33 AM


k l

jim g shame on you for actually caring about the "back story" of an imaginary cartoon character. You need to get out more.

May 6 - 04:25 PM

Jason Litzau

Jason Litzau

Um hello people, like, ya know, you had to pretty much guess all of that. There are no hints, you simply made up a bunch of crap, like people, ya know.

You're made of ignorance.

Sep 12 - 01:28 AM

Jason Litzau

Jason Litzau

You're made of ignorance.

Sep 12 - 01:29 AM

Grep D.

Grep Dogg

"I saw hints at something to come and enjoyed the complications and confusion of that moment. "

How high are you exactly? You are out of your mind and no one can possibly take you seriously.

May 5 - 04:05 PM

Matt M.

Matt McD

Shame on you all for calling him saber, never in this movie does it mention sabertooth, as sabertooth was originally meant to be wolverines father there is no reason the father lied and Vic is not in fact sabertooth at all.

Jun 10 - 04:57 AM

Tyler Jenkins

Tyler Jenkins

I thought the same. But in the comics there are no relation between sabertooth and wolverine.

Sep 12 - 09:59 PM

Twinkle Pavi

Twinkle Pavi

is it

Apr 29 - 06:27 AM

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