Maggie Q Joining Wolverine Cast?

Live Free or Die Hard baddie to play Silver Fox?

So what if X-Men Origins: Wolverine isn't coming out until May of 2009? When it comes to rumors, gossip, and news, we can't get started early enough -- so here's a little tidbit about who might be joining Hugh Jackman when he finally gets down to snikt-ing at a theater near you.

According to IESB, Maggie Q is "the top frontrunner" for the role of Silver Fox, Wolverine's mysterious...well, "ex-girlfriend" is probably about as close as we can come to a description without spoiling any plot details, but fans of the comics will no doubt remember the character's long and convoluted history.

What with all the script rewrites, no one has been able to say with any certainty who will or won't be featured in the Wolverine movie, but IESB says a Silver Fox appearance is "for sure." Maggie Q's involvement, unsurprisingly, is awaiting official confirmation. To read more about the character (including spoilers), click on the link below!

Source: IESB



Tyler Durden


Nov 26 - 06:45 AM


Andrew Raine

Do I smell a Japan plot?!

Nov 26 - 06:48 AM


idle one kenobi

Shes hot allright, I wonder if she will be taking over from that chick in Xmen-2, forgot her name but she had claws like wolverine.

Hopefully, they will bring out the Yellow suit for this one. Im bored with the weird mullet look. If Batman can dress as a giant Bat and pull it off nicely, and realisticly then im sure wolverine which belongs to a "sillier" universe can at least get a cool costume. It doesnt have to be neon yellow spandex ya know.

Nov 26 - 07:22 AM

Unbreakable Samurai

Unbreakable Samurai

If she's playing Silver Fox than no she is not taking over Helly Hu's character. This sounds good though.

Nov 26 - 08:02 AM


Sam Hunt

Who's Helly Hu? I've never heard of her.

Nov 29 - 09:18 AM


Matanuki .

Dudes, it's Kelly Hu, not "Helly" Hu. Look her up. Anyway, perfect pick for Silver Fox. Man, I've always thought, for a brooding loner like Logan, the man gets some serious *****... ;-)

Feb 15 - 08:37 PM


Mark Holler

I'm not sure why anyone would smell a Japan plot when Silverfox was Native American.

Nov 26 - 08:38 AM


Angel Shadowflare

I approve of this potential casting choice. I have some high expectations for this movie. They had better do it right. After X3, the X-Men franchise needs a shot of awesome to get it back on it's feet.

This is a prequel to the first X-Men, yes?

Nov 26 - 09:05 AM


Relan Wois

I Totally agree with you

Nov 26 - 01:28 PM

I Am Remote

Robert Pilkington

First half-way decent thing I've heard about this movie... Silver Fox. Although, wasn't Silver Fox native american? A Japan plot would have been nice, but this character points to a Weapon X plot. With the way Marvel "Adaptations" go though, could be anything. Maybe she's playing the Blob.

Nov 26 - 10:21 AM


Naturo Wetawashi

One word: HAWT! HAWT! HAWT! Well, three words but you get my point.

Nov 26 - 11:17 AM


Gimy Moo

batfink, you're thinking of Kelly Hu from the second Xmen...and d3mn, she was hot too. maybe thats why i saw "maggie q...wolverine" and wondered if she was already in the Xmen movies. this movie should be pretty sweet...nice little frosting on the cake if ya ask me.

Nov 26 - 11:47 AM


hector torres

she looks the part and she seems to be alot of summer movies latly first mi3 and die hard and wolverine

Nov 26 - 12:02 PM


Relan Wois

Okay; I can I buy my movie ticket NOW? (WOW)

Nov 26 - 01:24 PM


Relan Wois

I Totally agree with you

Nov 26 - 01:28 PM


Steven Edwards

To the Kelly Hu comment... Maggie Q is defintley attractive but she doesn't have a thing on Kelly Hu.

Nov 26 - 03:45 PM


Brian Lorenzen

Am I being ridiculous in still complaining about this title? Eh, whatever, that battle is lost and it won't change.

Rather than poorly adapting more source material, I would love it if they would create a few movies that features Wolverine and Magneto after the events of X3. Maybe they could actually create an ORIGINAL story for these characters (Yes I said it).

By inserting plot, introducing new characters, and developing older characters, they can create a buffer that will allow them to begin another arc of full-blown X-Men movies. They could bring in a new cast (to replace the aging and expensive older stars) and offer the public a product that doesnt retell the origin.

Example: Magneto slowly regains his old powers, perhaps develops mixed feelings about homo superior, and becomes a flagholder of Charles' vision (a la Age of Apocalypse). Meanwhile, Wolverine stays in the mansion, battles with Storm over any stupid ideological point, leaves, does his thing. Life at the mansion goes on with Beast and Storm leading the team on, fighting battles against smaller villains that would still need to be fought. All the while, they all become aware of the growing presense of a reincarnated Charles. When they meet up with him, he welcomes Magneto, Wolverine, and the rest with a warning of some greater threat he observes while being just a mental existence (thus sparking a new set of films with whatever that threat is.) You could use the Wolverine/Magneto films to tell a story like that (2 seperate but intertwining films) then chill for a while if the franchise feels tired and pick up later with new producers, actor, and directors.

To me, origins are boring and poorly done, lets take some liberties and have the movies become more than approximations of the comics. These films should be ongoing, always building on cannon just like the comics. Long post, thanks for not quitting.

Nov 26 - 08:07 PM

Lux Obscura

jonathan brazeau

maggie q is pretty damn hot. but this has to involve weapon x project and sabretooth.

Nov 27 - 12:26 AM


matt burton

Man I hope this movies good but I just got a feeling its gonna suck. I dont think Hugh Jackman is that great of an actor without the right director. Who's supposed to be directing this?

Nov 27 - 07:18 AM


Naturo Wetawashi


Nov 27 - 09:12 AM


joe shmo

"Skinny little asian *****, likes to kick people? Last time I saw her she was at the bottom of an elevator shaft with an SUV up her ***."
Classic McClane.

Nov 27 - 10:39 AM


mc mc

Die Hard 4 SUCKED ****!!!

And Bruce Willis is old, bald and washed up.

Nov 27 - 10:52 AM


Relan Wois

TO Product_OF_YOU-

Yes some people might prefer one over the other ,but to me their both Dam good looking and would not get a complaint from any (Straight-man).
To; Hamboner-
At this point as long as the movie is entertaining.the title could be the old fart-man.

Nov 27 - 12:01 PM

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