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Rating: Unrated
Genre: Art House & International, Action & Adventure
Directed By:
Written By: Chan Khan
In Theaters:
On DVD: Dec 4, 2012

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Patrick Leung's Wu Dang only goes so far before running out of steam.Wu Dang does have the story fit for a martial arts period piece, but unfortunately the 100 minute plot never plays out to its potential. The introduction is fast paced and easily warrants attention, and while the first half of the film continues in that fashion, things slowly disintegrate and the picture loses what it had going for it.The choreography for the martial arts is solid and there is a good amount of it. With that said, the action is hampered by the constant speed reduction and slow motion takes. The CG is mediocre and its high use in the final sequence is a disappointment as well.Vincent Zhao puts on a decent enough performance. Watching Yang Mi is a pleasure, but also watching her in martial arts sequences is a dream come true. Dennis To is underutilized until the end, where his talents end up going to waste with a plethora of CG effects.Despite its flaws, Wu Dang still gets by with its action and story.

JY Skacto

Super Reviewer


Not having seen a Martial Art film in awhile I checked out the obscure Wu Dang which surprisingly came out this year. There is a reason why this was an obscure
title and nothing you should bother looking for either.

Wu Dang "plot" follows an American conspirator taking his well-trained kung fu daughter to Wudang by sponsoring a Taoist martial arts competition, to steal the treasure in mountain of Wu Dang. The plot or whatever you want to call it is just made up on the spot. Nothing was consistent. Not a single character was engaging. No focus at all was put into this. There is literally one character that we follow throughout the movie who has no real purpose and I think this character original name was filler. The CGI in general seems more fitting for a cartoon than a serious Martial Art film. The mediocre CGI looks very ridiculous in the climax in which will have laughing when seeing a giant bubble and a glowing pill. The fight scenes and story telling segments are poorly separated resulting in long dialogue scenes and I believe around 14 boring fight scenes which despite being performed well are no fun to watch. The acting is so-so. The actors show very little commitment in making their characters engaging let-alone worth cheering for. The cast do some solid stunts and solid fight scenes, but the plot is so poorly put together that it makes the few entertaining moments this film has feel like a drag to sit through.

Wu Dang has little to offer with it made on the spot plot and boring actors. Some solid fight scenes once in awhile can't makeup for the rest of the film that will likely put you to sleep.

Caesar Mendez

Super Reviewer


Story was pretty retarded. The chinese are always trying to come up with crazy new stories bc a typical one, although good, is played out. I only gave this movie a good rating because the fighting was good and creative. Made for a fun watch if you like (fake) martial arts action

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