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Wwe: The Big Show: A Giant's World Reviews

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½ January 16, 2015
Better than all but 3 of Reese Witherspoon's movies. Show it to the husky kid in your life.
January 10, 2013
Super Reviewer
September 10, 2012
As an old fan of pro wrestling Big Show was one of those classic bad guys that I liked to see always come in and ruin everything. One of the most memorable things he did was a smackdown match with brock lesnar where the ring collapsed. This give some insight on the actual person he is outside of the ring and is pretty cool as it examins his life and how he came to be known as the big show.
February 14, 2012
one of the better biopics.
June 11, 2011
This was a Wonderful way to "Connect" with Big Show aka Paul Wight. Defiantly worth watching!
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