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This third Patlabor movie finds detectives Kusumi and Sinichiro investigating a string of deadly labor accidents in Tokyo Bay. Kusumi discovers that Sinichiro's new girlfriend, a genetic research assistant, could hold a secret that is vital to their investigation, and he is determined to unearth it one way or another. With loyalties clashing and government and military cover-ups abounding, they eventually get a glimpse of the treacherous secret weapon WEXIII: Wasted Thirteen. Now the two detectives must work with the army as well as the government in order to prepare for a clash between the Patlabors and the deadliest weapon ever built. ~ Cammila Collar, Rovimore
Rating: R (for language)
Genre: Animation, Anime & Manga, Art House & International, Mystery & Suspense, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Directed By: ,
Written By: Tori Miki
In Theaters:
On DVD: Apr 8, 2003

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A cheesy monster movie.

Full Review… | January 24, 2003
San Francisco Chronicle
Top Critic

[T]wo encounters with the beast WXIII - first in a darkened factory, and later in an empty stadium, to the strains of Beethoven's Piano Sonata in G Minor (Pathétique) - elevate the disappointingly flat animation into a vivid fable of monster and morality

Full Review… | January 15, 2003
L.A. Weekly
Top Critic

This above-average anime puts character development before action, although there are still enough fisticuffs, robots and monsters to hold the interest of the genre's core otaku (fan boy) audience.

January 11, 2003
Hollywood Reporter
Top Critic

Its solid story makes for decent viewing.

January 10, 2003
New York Post
Top Critic

The trouble is that it's impossible to say with any certainty what's going on from one moment to the next -- and that at the end it becomes clear it has been a great deal more inaccessible than necessary.

Full Review… | January 9, 2003
Los Angeles Times
Top Critic

If WXIII ... is terrific in ambience, it fails to connect the dots of its subplots.

Full Review… | January 9, 2003
New York Times
Top Critic

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The animation was top notch and the English voice acting wasn't too bad but this movie was EXTREMELY slow! It took me four sittings just to get through it! The music was done well but might have been too high and low for me. It's like one minute you are being rocked to sleep and the next you're being pumped up for a bad ass mech fight.

a visualy impressive movie with a solid character base, and a storyline that makes you really think.

josh reynolds


Looking at the base of the plot, WXIII appears to be another monster movie. I was delightfully surprised when I witnessed this was a way above average film. So what exactly seperates this film from endless Godzilla clones? Simple: Focus more on the characters and a lot less on the monster.

It is the near future where robots called Labors are used for construction. When a Labor turns up underwater ripped to shreds for unexplained reasons, the police are on the case. Hata, a young detective, tracks down the source of these attacks with an old-timer detective called Kusumi. These two could not be more different. Hata keeps tabs on the internet and becomes too involved with the suspects while Kusumi gets around with a cane and seperates himself from his family. Their investigation leads them to a science institute where it turns out that the monster is actually composed of the skin for a new cancer treatment. The twist here is that the skin cells are from the dead daughter of Hata's latest girlfriend. Aside from the ties to the beast there is also an interesting element of sound that comes into play with the beast. WXIII is based on the Patlabor TV series the mainly focused on a group of police officers who pilot robots as defense. While these characters do show up, they are placed in the background to focus on two lesser characters of the series giving them a bigger role outside of secondary characters.

Of course, being a monster film, you can expect some violent attacks and a climatic battle involving the robot police force. However, there are only about two scenes involving these elements. The rest are spent developing the main characters and I'm glad the film went this direction. These characters are fun to follow and have their own interesting personalities. I also loved the enviornment these characters interact with. From the rainy scenery of the highway to gorgeous design of the institute, every scene is filled with beauty and the haunting soundtrack only adds to the atomsphere. The music from Kenji Kawai is some one of the most alluring soundtracks I have ever heard. The animation is nothing short of what I expect from Production I.G. Great character designs, terrific colors, and CG that doesn't overwhelm the 2D elements make for some beautiful eye candy.

For a film that is suppose to be about monsters and robots, director Takayama Fumihiko certainly chose to take a very subtle approach and it certainly works. This is a film that could have been lead down a predictable and ultimately boring route. Thank goodness there are directors out there willing to take a simple premise and make it interesting.

Madness Mark

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