X-Files 2 Plot Details Leaked?

The little green men hit the Web.

It won't hit theaters until July, and is being shrouded in all the secrecy you'd expect, but no matter -- X-Files 2 plot details are leaking anyway.

Cinematical, picking up on a story from Moviehole, reports that some "heavily spoilerific details on at least the first half hour" of the sequel have surfaced. We won't go into them here, obviously; suffice it to say that they're unusual -- unusual enough that Cinematical's Christopher Campbell believes the leaks actually amount to one of the movie's subplots.

Intrigued yet? There's more. According to Moviehole, the list of new faces in the film includes characters named Doctor Donarra, Agent Winlock, Samantha Pitney, and Robert Coe. Click on the links below to get all the details!

Source: Cinematical
Source: Moviehole



gerald clough

I did not know it was in production! The XFiles is not bad stuff; check out my free story, written for XFiles fans....


Dec 3 - 07:01 AM


Cap Nord

Shouldn't surprise anyone that the X-Files plot has been leaked since fans knew that it was out there.

Dec 3 - 08:26 AM


Thunder Crotch

Isn't there anyone on this planet anymore who likes to be surprised?

I hope the plot lines revolves around aliens abducting people who leak premature information on the internet.

Of course, if it was, they would know about it, report it in advance and avoid abduction.


Dec 3 - 09:00 AM


Miki Phippi

Cool i like the first movie and the t.v show.

Dec 3 - 09:26 AM


kt faye

The plot wasn't leaked. Cinematical's story is just plain wrong, but that's what happens when you pass along information without question.

Cinematical got their "news" from Moviehole.net who had gotten a hold of script sides that were used to audition actors for the new film and announced that they knew the plot.

The only problem was that the audition sides weren't from the new movie. They were from episodes from back when the show used to be on, specifically the episodes, Essence and Duane Barry. After being embarassed, Moviehole.net updated their site with an "my bad" as shown below

"We've since been informed that the sides being used for the "X-Files : Done One" movie are actually dummy scripts... plotlines from the series, but with the character's names changed. That's apparently how director Chris Carter is able to keep a lid on the storyline for now.."

But it looks like cinematical didn't bother to read it and is just passing bad information along.

Dec 3 - 03:12 PM


Michael Mandt

On Carters Blog this week, we see that everything this website reported is false. So don't waste your time folks.

Dec 9 - 08:04 PM


marisa navarro

lol. to the guy who likes to be suprised... why did you even click on this link if you liked to be suprised.. there was a good chance that by opening this link you would have come upon spoilers yourself... so why?? why did you do it?

Mar 9 - 09:10 PM

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