"X-Files" Sequel Inches Back a Few Steps

Last week we learned from one of the "X-Files" producers that a sequel to the flick was finally moving closer to reality. Now we take a few steps back, it seems.

Producer Frank Spotnitz was the one talking sequels in his blog, but a spokesperson has stepped in to say "Frank is very sorry but he cannot make any comments about XF2 right now but would be thrilled to talk when the time comes."

Well, hm.

Then a Fox person said that an "X-Files: Fight the Future" sequel has been the subject of discussion for quite some time now, and also that discussion of Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny's return is a bit premature: "It's not anywhere near that level yet."

So stay patient, you File-fans!

Source: Wired



colin christian

I just saw The Last King Of Scotland,Gillian looks super hot,please lets have XF2...

Apr 30 - 04:47 AM

I Am Remote

Robert Pilkington

Jesus Christ.

On one hand, I can understand the studios a little afraid of this one still stirring up an audience, but, to me, if you get some of that original magic back, this is a no brainer. X-Files deserves a second movie, no question.

I want a supporting role for Robert Patrick too.

Apr 30 - 07:49 AM


'schak Attack

Agent Reyes too!

Apr 30 - 08:51 AM


Andrew Goodridge

We prefer "X-Philes" over File-Fans.

Apr 30 - 09:12 AM


Michael Mandt

its xphiles just so you know. file-fans is so... government lackyish

Apr 30 - 12:26 PM

Brad 3000

Brad Arnold

I actually prefer "File-ies", "X-ers", "X-Fekkers", "Fox Mulder's Foxy Boxers", "Mulder Heads", "Scullyficionados", or "Truthouttherians" over Xphiles or File Fans.

Apr 30 - 11:36 PM

Elihp X

Walter Skinner

[b]X Philes vs ????? (whatever)[/b]
It's creative to offer various other preferences for fans of The X-Files, but the term X-Philes, XPhiles, X Philes or other permutations is also a play on the show's title. So these other names don't have the same implied entendre as X-Philes.

I've been waiting for the second movie for so long. Every time I read something about the next big screen entry, I get my hopes up and want to be one of the first one in line by camping out at the local cinema...but it seems there is one delay after another.

I was hooked on the show from the get go. It reminded me of The Twilight Zone, The Night Stalker, and the Outer Limits (though far more cerebral and imaginative than that one) with an alien/government conspiracy/UFO thrown in for good measure. What kept the show moving for me was that they didn't stick with the mytharc for the entire series. Chris Carter & company kept us guessing about what would happen next in the mythology portion. It was a far more complex show and so involved that you really had to have your faculties about you.

I think DD realizes what a mistake wanting to leave the series was. His movie career didn't exactly explode. And voicing commercials pays well, from what I hear, but can't be nearly as satisfying as playing one of our favorite FBI agents. If Robert Patrick and the Reyes character aren't in the next movie, I would not be disappointed.

At any rate, I sure hope the next movie happens soon and that there'd be another couple in the works as well.

Jun 11 - 10:52 AM


mary roulette

I absolutely love the X-Files too, and while I came into it late, I know those interested in the show come from all ages, genders and walks of life--my teenage nieces got me into it, & I was in my thirties back then, and both they and I still love the reruns. I also loved the first movie as did my husband who never even watched the show, which, I think, says a lot about the film's quality and heard it made hundreds of millions world wide. Chris Carter, Duchovny and Anderson together make a superbly classic, sophisticated, ingeniously quirky blockbuster TV and film cocktail that will never go out of style and fans of this fantastic threesome hope, indeed, for at least a couple more X-Files movie sequels in the future!!!

Aug 19 - 10:14 PM

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