Hugh Jackman Talks "Wolverine" & "Fountain"

Summary got Hugh Jackman to skip over the "X-Men: The Last Stand" chatter for just a few minutes, and the guy had a few fairly intriguing things to say about his upcoming "Wolverine" spin-off... Back to Article


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Robert Pilkington

He doesn't want the Wolverine movie be X4 in disguise?

That's funny, because all the X-Movies seem like Wolverine movies in disguise as X-Men films.

I like Jackman and his portrayal of Logan, but this seems like a bad idea, and even being the huge X-Men fan that I am, I'm not really interested.

May 16 - 09:25 AM


Eric Schulze

I dont know, could be cool. Really excited for XIII though.

May 16 - 12:36 PM


eddie flores

[b]wolverine makes "bucks"[/b]
He's an exiting dark charactor, who has had his own comic book spin offs in the past , it's a great idea and hugh jackman plays a great wolverine,without him there is no x movies!!

May 16 - 01:54 PM


Birdy Man

jackman seems very smart about all this. if they do the spinoff i hope they have the right sense of mind to make it dark and gritty.

hell if it came out rated "R" it'd be a brilliant marketing move for the hardcore crowd.

May 16 - 05:58 PM


DJ Hnd

I never really liked jackman as wolverine, but when i saw him in the x3 trailer with a cigar...SOLD!

May 17 - 01:11 AM


brian lorenzen

Any Wolverine movie is going to suck. I love comics and a lot of comic movies, but just how much are they going to do with him in one film? Where is his character going to go... will he ge back to his comando for the Canadian government days, or back to his time in Japan, or back to his time being a simple little guy in the countryside. It'll just be a movie of bad-assed posturing and fighting, which is all good, but seeing seeing films trying to dig in to Wolverine will just be clumsy. Villains? Other heroes? Property rights? I don't know, this one seems a lot harder to get right than an X-men movie.

May 17 - 01:19 PM


Nathan Raab

hugh jackman is an INCREDIBLY DYNAMIC actor with talent to spare. he falls right in line with your marlboro man, dirty harry character without flinching.

the only problem i had with the first two x-men movies was a high-focus on character development and the huge cast of characters!

the only problem i see with the wolverine project is if they hire that hack, brett ratner, to do it.

May 30 - 09:23 AM

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