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Christopher B. Christopher B. ½ August 19, 2014
A mediocre finale to the original trilogy. While director Brett Ratner adds in more characters and subplots and provides us with a bigger scope he unfortunately doesn't give the characters good development or provide any real enjoyable spectacle commonly found in summer movies.
AndrewScaife AndrewScaife ½ August 18, 2014
Not a man of the X-Men franchise, but this is an average movie, decent story and action sequences.
Chris S June 10, 2007
bad didnt follow the comic
RB S November 22, 2008
way to ruin a great trilogy, Ratner...
Phillip D August 9, 2014
The Last Stand takes the X-Men series to new lows. Although the two previous movies had managed to gloss over massive plot holes to create two well rounded films, The Last Stand seems to revel in its inconsistencies, give new meaning to the term plot hole. The action is gratifying of course and the movie is really quite entertaining but that is about all it is and once questions start being asked, the action sequences quickly gain a cheesy edge that takes the excitement right out from under Ratner, who should have never been allowed within 100 feet of a script.
Giovanni M. Giovanni M. August 6, 2014
This one however, is a mess. Laughable dialogue doesn't help its soulless action and pure idiocy. However, the special effects are fine enough and if you're looking for a movie to put on as background noise this should be for you.
zahm637 zahm637 ½ November 15, 2013
On the heels of the well-received "X-Men United", "X-Men: The Last Stand" tries to be the biggest and best of the X-Men trilogy, but ends up overdoing it, and falling short in every way.

Above all things, the biggest problem of this film is how short it is. Clocking in at only about an hour and a half, this movie should have been at least 20 minutes longer, and probably more than that. A lot of the problems that I'm about to mention could have been fixed with more screen time. The action in this film is skimpy. For two films, Magneto spoke of a coming war; but when the war comes, it hardly even qualifies as a battle. A little more screen time would have given more time for better action. Another big problem with "The Last Stand" is its lack of character development and themes of discrimination. The character development was part of what made the first two films so great. But here, they try to squeeze in so many characters, that there isn't enough time for all of them. As a result, fan-favorite characters like Cyclops, Mystique, and Angel get almost no screen time. Again, more screen time would've allowed for more character moments.

"X-Men: The Last Stand" is a movie that had all of the potential to be a great film, but fell short...literally. Oh, if only Bryan Singer hadn't left "X-Men" to direct "Superman Returns"! That would be a win-win situation. But like many trilogies, "X-Men: The Last Stand" suffers the third-installment curse, and is the worst in the trilogy. While it is an enjoyable film and does do some things better than the original "X-Men", overall, it is still not as good. Fans of the X-Men comics and/or films will enjoy "The Last Stand", but that's about it.
Yale J August 1, 2014
like the spiderman trilogy, the third sucked ass
Darcsyde Darcsyde March 1, 2007
Has it's issues, but still a good chapter in the X-men saga.
gamermaximum2000gmai gamermaximum2000gmai ½ July 29, 2014
Why Brett Ratner, why?
Ryan H July 28, 2014
A cure for the mutant gene has been found, and the X-Men, led by Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) now have the dilemma of whether they are willing to lose their powers and live as normal people. However, the Brotherhood, led by the mad mutant Magneto (a notable Ian McKellen), believe this is an outrage against their race and this leads to a war between the two sides. Meanwhile, Jean Grey (Famke Janssen) is revealed to be alive, but with different powers. In time, it is clear that Jean Grey- now possessed by the powers of the Dark Phoenix- has become a threat and the ultimate mutant war is about to begin.

"X-Men: The Last Stand" is the most emotionally elaborate and complex of all the series. If this proves to be the last chapter of the series, it is a giant one and will leave many fans shocked and heartbroken. Brett Ratner has definitely hit the right notes, and "Stand" seems like a different type of super-hero movie.

However, Rattner makes one huge mistake as he is conducting the movie. The movie is about one hour and forty minutes long, the fastest movie in the franchise. However, it seems like a terrible mistake to do a movie with this length when the same movie has enough characters and subplots to fill in a 3 hour motion picture. In some points, Rattner's (effective) direction seems rushed. And this is a true shame, since some characters are rarely used- which are the cases of Mystique and Juggernaut (more on him later).

However, this movie has more action than any of the two previous entries in the series. Once this movie catches your attention, there's no way out. The action is so intense and the effects are so great that you feel as many thrills as the characters in the movie. The movie also plays intensely well as a drama. There is a lot of room for the situation to get tense and there are some parts where you can actually feel sad. Here in Cannes, this lady sitting beside me cried in a heartbreaking dialogue between Jean Grey and Wolverine (the magnificent Hugh Jackman). Right there, I knew this movie was going to be a success.

Many new characters are introduced to the franchise. Three of them are worth notice: the Beast (Kelsey Grammar), Angel (Ben Foster), and Juggernaut (Vinnie Jones). While Ben Foster handles his role well, but nothing much, Kelsey Grammar and Vinnie Jones show up as the exact right options for the respective roles of Beast and Juggernaut. Kelsey Grammar does a superb job in making Beast a charismatic mutant, with many memorable moments. Vinnie Jones is a whirlpool of rage as Juggernaut and, while the role is not exactly a Shakesperianish one, it surely provides great moments- like the amazing scene where he rushes after Kitty Pride (Ellen Page), the mutant who is able to pass through any solid objects.

While all the cast is great (especially Patrick Stewart, Halle Berry, and Famke Janssen), I'd say the movie belongs to Ian McKellen and Hugh Jackman. Once again, Sir McKellen proves to be the best thing in a blockbuster as the mutant/tyrant Magneto. He is calm and wise (yet again), but knows the right time to be mean. I can think of no actor who can pull the role of Magneto better than Ian McKellen. However, one cannot leave in blank the marvelous performance of Hugh Jackman. As one of the most important characters in the movie, he proves to be a versatile and talented actor by giving the charismatic Wolverine an even more human side- a side that can be torn apart by love. These two actors prove to be a mark of a cinematic generation and show that in this movie.

In conclusion, I'd say the X-Men trilogy ended up really well. However, one has to note this is the worst movie in the trilogy; not for being genuinely bad, but because it feels sometimes rushed. However, I have to note that the final act of the movie will leave your jaws open. There are tons of surprises, and discovering who dies and who loses their powers is enough to bring the toughest X-Men fan to tears. Here in Cannes, the audience seemed to have really enjoyed this movie, and I am part of that audience. "X-Men: The Last Stand" is a marvelous, action-filled comic book brought to life, with loads of drama and lots of surprises.
Max B July 27, 2014
Thomas L ½ January 25, 2013
At my initial watching, I thought this was a good movie. It dared having a larger scale than the other 2 films, but failed to deliver. The idea of the themes was great as well, only it was executed poorly. I also thought Beast was really cool, and still do. But after having seen X-men: Days of Future past, I now find this movie to be so mch more insulting to the X-men. The movie throws so many things at you at once, but cannot even remotely keep it as a tight narrative. And where the hell did Nightcrawler go, did he just read the script and say "fuck this, this is retarded"??

It is a shame that the one movie of the original trilogy to have such a huge scale was directed by a guy who did not love the X-Men franchise like Bryan Singer did (well, at least we now have Days of Future Past to make up for that huge misstep). 3/10
Shayan S July 24, 2014
While Xmen The Last Stand has some good effects,ok story,and likable characters,Director Brett Ratner took the Xmen series and Jeans iconic comic story and replaces it with too much action and explosions,no character development, leaves out or kills important characters or favorite,and leaves the franchise in a poor state for most fans.
Private U July 24, 2014
This one's a bit jumbled. It's still worth watching if you enjoy X-Men
Adam R ½ February 10, 2010
(First viewing - Summer 2006 in theaters)
Krisha T July 22, 2014
Not as bad as everyone says. It's actually very entertaining although I disliked plenty of the plot developments it made.
Miles K. Miles K. July 20, 2014
Step down from 2, but not bad.
muffin0681 muffin0681 November 27, 2012
I own this on Blu-Ray in a six movie pack along with:
* X-Men (2000)
* X2 (2003)
* X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)
* X-Men: First Class (2011)
* The Wolverine (2013)

And i also own the two-disc "Definitive Edition" DVD
Zachary O July 17, 2014
X-Men 3 : The Last Stand has it's highs and lows... highs: Great acting from Hugh Jackman (Wolverine/Logan) Halle Berry (Storm/ Ororo Munroe) Ian Mckellen (Magneto/Eric Lehnsherr) Patrick Stuart (Professer Charles Xavier) Shawn Ashmore (Bobby Drake/Iceman) and Anna Paquin (Marie/Rogue and it's lows: bad acting from everyone else, tamed/boring action sequences (minus the final battle) bland dialogue and a complete waste of Marvel's Jean Grey's Phoenix story this movie was X-tremely bad
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