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August 30, 2014
How many creatures features out Scotland way? Not veddy many. Making this all the more special as Dean Jagger plays an eccentric American nuclear scientist who with local Leo McKern (one of the silly bad guys from the Beatles "Help!") combat a primordial sentient from beneath the earth. You might predict it'd be a laugh riot (until yer PS3 warmed up) but in truth it's alright stuff as a bowl of salsa escapes and threatens us all with radioactive hot stuff.
It's better than you think.
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February 13, 2013
Before "The Blob" there was X-The Unknown, a creepy, scary film by Hammer, the makers of the Quatermass series. Radioactive mud rises to the surface to terrorize soldiers and residents of a scottish village. As it is radioactive several victims succomb to burns and worse while it is on the prowl for radiation that makes it grow even larger. While the special effects are dated it can still send a chill through you with the melting scenes and the longest scream I ever heard in a sci-fi film. Decent script and excellent acting by american actor Dean Jagger and british actors Leo Mckern and Edward Chapman help to make this film well worth the rental. 3 Stars 1-16-13
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½ October 26, 2010
This not entirely satisfying Hammer film is pretty much solidifies the reason as to why you didn't see them making too many sci-fi movies. Dean Jagger plays an American scientist in Scotland, who with the army at his disposal must stop the radioactive version of The Blob. The story is nothing innovative or even particularly exciting but even Hammer's lesser efforts have some great murders, an awesome-looking monster and a great finale. And if you're lucky, some spectacular photography. Fortunately, X the Unknown has all of these things. It's just too bad there are those story parts inbetween.
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October 11, 2008
Alot of noise and static..and a performance by Dean Jagger as though hes' taking a stroll in the park..uninspired, not scary or frightening, just a blob of radioactive energy slime creating havoc..the science behind it is as hard to grasp as the entertainment value (or lack thereof) this movie offers...
½ May 10, 2015
In the same vein as Hammer's contemporaneous Quatermass pictures, X: The Unknown is British sci-fi themed horror with serious social commentary (about radioactivity) thrown in for good measure. It starts well, with a sort of "Val Lewton" asthetic - low budget and what you can't see just might be more scary in your imagination. Dean Jagger is on hand as a scientist who is doing experiments on neutralizing atomic bombs when the monster strikes, killing a few soldiers and leaving a huge fissure in the earth. Then, a few more victims before we see the horrible sludge creature that lives on radiation (even attacking a hospital to get some). Unfortunately, the scientific mumbo jumbo can only get you so far and the film stumbles along to its fully expected conclusion.
May 26, 2012
Silly radioactive blob flick benefits from the conviction of its British cast.
½ November 6, 2013
A half decent British 50's sci-fi B-movie that would struggle to frighten even a 5 year-old (more likely bore them). Having said that it is entertaining enough to be worth a look and there is not exactly a huge number of killer radioactive mud movies out there so this is possibly the best of it's type.
½ October 12, 2013
Classic Horror about a group of soldiers in Scotland who come across a gravel pit which emanates an unusual amount of Radiation, many deaths follow,and of course the team must find a way to stop this radioactive horror. Lots of well known stars, good acting and a good story, make it a compelling budget thriller, The special effects are well done for the time,Look out for Johnny Briggs, I think, But he was later in coronation street
April 14, 2012
This movie reminded me of The Blob (1958) and I wouldn't be shocked if they got some ideas from this movie. Nuclear radiation seems to be the main theme for these type of movies from the 1950s, but this creature is more like a blob from underground that feeds off radioactive material. In the movie the blob kind of looks like a giant marshmallow, but toward the end you get a more close up look at the creature. This was a so-so film, not horrible, but borderline for me.
½ August 16, 2011
This is an occasionally satisfying attempt at Quatermass-style science fiction from Hammer Films. The goopy mass that terrorizes throughout the film seems like an inspiration for "The Blob" which will follow a couple of years later.
The creeping gob from the center of the Earth doesn't show up until later in the movie but near the end it slithers around quite a bit which makes the whole endeavor more fun overall. This has to score some points for originality and for the subdued performance of Dean Jagger as Dr. Royston. There's an overabundance of silly science and clicking Gieger counters and the disposal of the monster is a yawner but there's some slightly suspenseful moments that make the whole thing worth a watch.
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