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½ April 6, 2011
if you like crude vulgar humor and Natalie Portman running around in medieval garb this is a five star movie.

It plays for the base humor and is vulgar and you will either howl out loud laugh or eye roll till the sheep come in.

I had fun it was 3 1/2 out of 5 for me. Again it was a free ticket with a recent blu ray purchase but hey one cant complain. Also has Zooey Deschanel in it and the factor of beautiful women was quite nice.

James Franco looked to be having WAY too much fun being ridiculous in this one. Good time though. Keep the kids away lol
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February 7, 2011
While the trailer was really funny, like so often, it also wasted most of the ammunition. The rest of the film is neither very surprising nor funny but relies on stoner and sex jokes, pretty much exclusively so. It's amazing how the creators gathered such talented people like Dance, Lewis or Portman. What could have been a new, politically incorrect version of Princess of the Bride is just plain stupid, even if entertaining enough. At least one of the running gags works, though: if you ever wanted to see Zoey Deschanel trying to suck a severed Minotaur dick, this is your kinda film. If you think that sentence alone is really bizarre, stay away.
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½ December 28, 2010
Knights, wizards, trolls and fair maidens. All congregated for your amusement in a fabulous comedy-adventure with quite the lustrous cast. Not the best quest ever, as the poster would have us believe, but very entertaining in all its vulgar and boundless sense of humor. Sort of in the same spirit as Men in Tights and Monty Python and the Holy Grail, only not fully as clever or brilliant. My expectations here were not very high, so I was quite astonished by how enjoyable it was. A great many of the jokes fall flat on their faces, but I just loved the overall atmosphere and ye olde medieval chatter. Not to mention the heavenly sight of Natalie Portman in a golden thong. You ought therefore bear in mind that my review is rather biased. For what I deemed a most joyous and rousing occation, others may likely find a few ale kegs short of a satisfying feast.
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April 7, 2011
I don't know for who this movie was intended. It has a production style that harkens back to the 80s fantasy movies, a cast that people in their 20s and 30s would appreciate, and unclever dialogue aimed to please 14 year-old boys, or maybe that is an insult to 14 year-old boys.
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October 11, 2009
Well its not actually a shock that this is a poor movie, although you can get some ( maybe more accurately very little) happiness from this rather dull and uninspired comedy. Everything about this movie is just plain poor with quite high acting talents its a shock to see Portman go from Black Swan and the somehow playing this rather poor role! Everyone starring in this movie displays very little or no acting talent and is just a laughable movie for all the wrong reasons!
Im not one hundred percent sure as to why a mainly american cast had to be set in an old english style medievil period and the accents are just so terrible especially Zooey Deschanel. Me personally i dont think this role suited Deschanels normally quirky and amusing characters!
In all honesty not a bad cast however a poor movie, poorly written, poorly acted overall just Poor!
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March 8, 2012
David Gordon Green gets all medieval with Your Highness.When all is said and done, Your Highness is all Danny McBride throwing it out there. There actually is enough story to fill the 100 minutes that this film has to offer, but the biggest setback is the blending of the humor into this so-called medieval flick.Unsurprisingly, a bulk of the comedy is comprised of crude and vulgar sexual comments and/or motions. Sure, it is hard for all the jokes to misfire, so there are some giggles to be had; however, everything else becomes more of an annoyance than anything else. The strong language also comes across as odd in this type of film.Danny McBride has one unpleasant character to watch, but with time he grows with the picture. James Franco, who proves to be more of a diverse actor, along with Natalie Portman, serve as good counteracts to McBride.With some bloody violence to show for, Your Highness does have a few good minutes. Only a few.
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½ January 15, 2012
A strange comedy for adults that is part spoof, part panto with quite a good cast surprisingly. There is a fair bit of gore, swearing, rude references, fair bit of nudity and reasonable cgi for a film of this type. Overall though it's missing the main ingredient, being funny with most of the jokes just not that good. A strange type of ilm, rather childish and silly with a few redeeming qualities but not many!
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January 7, 2012
This is awful times awful. It's awful squared. McBride is his usual obnoxious self with a noxious faux British accent. Franco is stereotypically gallant. Deschanel is a dull damsel in distress.

However, NaPo's cold stares are deliciously patronizing, and Justin Theroux, as evil wizard, Leezar, has the best role essentially - playing evil but sometimes with a deadpan, Oedipal innocence. Glad to see Jennifer Aniston's new beau is more amusing than Brad Pitt.
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½ January 1, 2012
Isabel: It is my legacy to stop anyone who wants to fuck to make dragons. 

"Get your quest on."

Your Highness has not received much praise. In fact, it seems that just about everyone and their brother thinks this movie is terrible. I liked it, but I guess my immature mind can accept this form of vulgar and highly offensive comedy, and make me laugh. This isn't the comedy our fathers were watching in their day, and anyone over 30 will more than likely find this completely moronic. While this is a step down for McBride, Franco, and Green from Pineapple Express; it still succeeds in creating laughs and in being a fun, if stupid comedy. They take their aim at the medieval quest films, and turn everything into a joke; most of the time an obscene, sexual reference of some sort.

Prince Fabius's bride to be is stolen by a scheming wizard. He plans to bang her to make a dragon that he can command. His lazy and stupid brother accompanies him on his quest in order to be seen as more than what he has been. Along the way they run into a banging hot woman warrior that is out to also kill the wizard. When Natalie Portman is introduced at about the 45 minute mark or so, it breaths new life into the movie. She's hilarious and sexy as hell; stripping down to a thong and making references to her "beaver." There's a reason she's one of my favorite people to watch on screen, and that's because she always gives a good performance and always holds your attention when a movie starts to lull. 

No, Your Highness isn't a tasteful or witty comedy. It goes to extreme and over the top places to create laughs. It isn't for the prude or your grandparents. Some may consider it sexist, as women are called sluts countless times. It's also too reliant on vulgarity. I'll admit to all these things, but I love that it McBride and Green don't want to tone down their jokes. We watch enough stuff that's toned down, that every once in awhile it is fun to see a movie that doesn't care who it offends. It sure as hell didn't offend me.

I think it is worth a watch. I'm sure glad I ignored all the negative reviews it had been receiving. But in order to know if you will enjoy this form of comedy, just think Pineapple Express, except dial up the vulgarity and sexual references. I can't wait to see the next team up of McBride and Green. Hopefully, they don't let the negative reception of this film affect how they make their next one.

Leezar: I'm here to steal a beautiful virgin that looks just. Like. Her. 
Fabious: And how do you plan to do that? 
Leezar: Magic...  Motherfucker.
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April 4, 2011
Mostly weird and terrible.
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October 25, 2011
Who wouldn't find the concept of aristocratic medieval knights and kings swearing, smoking pot, and making raunchy, genitalia referencing jokes entertaining? Unfortunately, while the premise looks golden on paper - it's just mundane and tedious in execution. The proposed "comedy" in this film relies too heavily on worthless one-liners and profanity... as well as the relentless, uninspired spoofing of medieval tale clichés. Not even Danny McBride's comedic chops, James Franco's presence, or Natalie Portman's... everything could save this mess of a comedy.
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½ April 24, 2011
If this film toned down on some of the vulgarity and cut out the jokes, it could have a chnace of being a mediocre but entertaining legit entry into the genre of films which it (lovingly) spoofs. It's your typical tale of an underachiever who sets out on a quest with his brother- the stereotypical gallant and dashing hero. The two go on a mission to save a beautiful maiden from an evil wizard who has some very nasty plans in mind. Along the way they check off the usual cliches such as seeking aid from a wise wizard, fighting various groups of men and beasts, and get help from a fellow warrior who is out questing. It's as standard as they come. It's even got the usage of bad accents and period phraseology (which sounds funny when paired with f-bombs and dick jokes).

What sets it apart are the extreme amounts of anachronistic profanity, jokes, and the very tongue-in-cheek manner with which it is all done. It is a bad movie that is stupid, vulgar, ridiculous, and filled with cheesy special effects and cliches but it's supposed to be a bad movie that's stupid, vulgar, and ridiculous. I guess the poor critical and box office reception it received can be attributed to the fact that most people didn't get the joke. Oh yeah, and one more thing, it's fun. Good, stupid, entertaining fun.

I'll admit that it isn't that good, and I'm slightly inflating my rating by a bit, but c'mon it's not boring, and if you come into it knowing it's supposed to be silly and stupid, you can enjoy it more/better. I will say though, that, I'm no prude, but I think they did go a tad overbored with some of the vulgarity as it sometiems come off as forced and overbearing. Aside from that though, I was rather shocked and surprised by some of the more extreme gags (and action scenes) on display. I wasn't expecting the film to be as gory as it is sometimes.

The cast for this thing is just incredible. You've got McBride adding another dumb slacker to his resume (but it's okay because he does it so well), Franco hamming it up as the typcial macho hero archetype, Justin Theroux as the demented evil wizard, Zooey Deschanel as the poor damsel in distress, and then there's Natalie Portman as the tough warrior woman. She's fun. It seemed odd to me that Deschanel and Portman would be apart of a nutty mess like this, but they didn't look like it was unenjoyable for them, so there. Either that, or they just once again delivered some more excellent performances by convincing me that they did this for more than the money.

As I've already mentioned, the film is bad, but, unlike some films of this ilk, this one at least knows it bad so it has fun with it. I thought David Gordon Green did great with Pineapple Express, as that marked a change from what he normally had been doing. WIth this he's just following in that path, and, even though he's got a knack for low brow humor, I kinda do think he should maybe reel it back in and deliver something a little less lowest common denominator next time.

Give this one a chance. Expect it to be bad, dumb, and extreme, and you might end up finding yourself surprised.
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November 18, 2009
There is really absolutely nothing "good" about Your Highness. It's dumb, predictable, overly long, cliched, sexist, and pretty much any other criticism that comes to mind. The thing is that it still manages to be funny at times. I'm not totally sure that I would have sat through the whole thing had I been watching it on my own, but it's a good film to watch with a group when no one is really paying all that much attention anyway. At the same time, you've missed nothing if you never get around to watching it. Overall, it's incredibly forgettable, but, really, that's not that much of a problem.
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½ July 10, 2010
Cast: Danny McBride, James Franco, Natalie Portman, Zooey Deschanel, Rasmus Hardiker, Toby Jones, Justin Theroux, Charles Dance, Damian Lewis

Director: David Gordon Green

Summary: When a twisted wizard kidnaps the virginal fiancée of a valiant prince, his ne'er-do-well brother grudgingly joins his sibling on a quest to save the beautiful damsel. Along the way, the duo meets their match in the form of a fetching female warrior.

My Thoughts: "I am a fan of silly stupid funny films. Unfortunately this was more stupid then funny for me. There was a few scenes that were funny but none that had me laughing out loud. But the film is meant to be bad so you can't say you didn't know it before hand. I am purely basing the film on it's comedy, and I just didn't find it funny enough. I wanted more laughs."
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March 18, 2011
It gets boring in the middle. Funny but doesn't last that long.
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½ September 12, 2011
If I saw this in theaters, I would have walked out. It's beyond me why all these big name actors took part in such a poorly conceived project. I barely chuckled in this raunchy, unwitty, comedy.
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½ November 15, 2009
"No, no, don't suck that! That's dead!"

A crude, silly and occasionally hilarious homage to the sword and sorcery movies of the 80's. You've got your beautiful damsels in distress, hideous monsters, evil wizards, magical swords and dashing princes, all given a vulgar spin courtesy of Danny McBride's sense of humor. How well your own syncs up with his will largely decide whether you like Your Highness.

I thought the movie could have been funnier, but it never dragged or became boring, and the missed jokes were usually followed in short order by one that made me laugh-out-loud. There's tons of bare breasts and endless penis jokes (and actual penises), so if that kind of stuff isn't up your alley, don't even bother. But if you like the idea of a great cast including Natalie Portman, James Franco, Zooey Deschanel, and the previously mentioned McBride traipsing about in medieval villages, castles and forests having a foul-mouthed and very bloody adventure, I suggest you give Your Highness a viewing.
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½ August 17, 2011
"This quest sucks!"

David Gordon Green has made some interesting and good films in the past ('Undertow') and pretty recently ('Pineapple Express'). But what about this one then? The quote above pretty much sums it all up.

In a far away land, there lives two princes. Thadeous (McBride), a cocky and cowardly fatty. With fatty I'm not talking about a perfectly shaped large ass. Let's just say that he's not in shape. But he does enjoy smoking fatties... Where were we again. Was there another prince? Oh yes. Fabious. He's just fabulous. The next King. The great hope of the kingdom. But I'm pretty sure that this gullible princeter has been molested by a wizard of some sort...

So anywho. There are other characters but who really gives a fuck. All of them are pointlessly put out in the script. Zooey Deschanel, who is by the way the sexiest chick in the business, is totally lost in the picture even though she's the princess their after. Damian Lewis's character could've been written better. Natalie Portman? Ok, she just won the Oscar. Did you know that 'Your Highness' was rescheduled (is that even a word?) a few times. Why's that? I guess they've learned of the Eddie Murphy 'Dreamgirls' - 'Norbit' incident. Murphy would've won the Oscar without that 'Norbit' disaster released at the same time. Nuff said. Where were we again?

I guess Green has tried to make 'Your Highness' as a mocking tribute to all these 80's fantasy adventures we've grown up with. 'Willow', 'Conan the Barbarian', 'Red Sonja' etc, you know 'em all. Green just went wrong on some really important things. There's a lot of missed opportunities here.

First of all, 'Your Highness' starts on very slowly. I understand that you have to introduce the protagonists etc but man... I almost broke my main rule and searched for the forward button on the remote.

Secondly, 'Your Highness' just ain't that funny. There are some scenes that are amusing but you know that feeling when you're cracking up completely? It ain't here.

Thirdly (can I even say it like that?), Green does deliver some obscene scenes but he doesn't max 'em out completely. It almost feels as if he's apologizing before hand.

There ain't gonna come a "fourthly", because I'd probably brake every rule in english grammar. This film just is a mess. There were some scenes that were ok but there's gotta be more. There's no denying that 'Your Highness' has lots of talent in it. It just ain't used the way it should.

"All I want is for you to be a part of this moment. I want you to be gay with me and father.
- I don't want to be gay with you two!"
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March 18, 2011
Your Highness has nothing good about it, other than its characters. The story follows Thadeus (Danny McBride), a prince who spends his days smoking weed, drinking, and getting laid, and his father the king has never been proud of him. His brother Fabious (James Franco) is a hero and Thadeus has always been jealous of him, but the two still share a close bond. When Fabious announces hes engaged to Princess Belladonna (Zooey Deshanel), a evil wizard named Leezar (Justin Theroux) takes Belladonna, the king orders Thadeus to go on his first quest with Fabious, but hes not going to be much help. The plot of Your Highnes is very boring, I know its a comedy but they try hard to nake this like a Monty Python film and they fail terribly, nothing happens in the story thats exciting. The cast is the best thing about the movie,Danny McBride is actually pretty good in my opinion, sure hes a dumbass but I think thats what they were going for and it worked for me. James Franco was my favorite, he was cool, occasionaly funny, and so naive that it made him so fun to wqatch. Natalie Portman isn't going for great here, but she did good and wasn''t funny but still played a good role and gave the film a little break from the stupidity. The specail effects were pathetic, every time one came on the screen I was just thinking how cheesy it was, and how they did it just for some viewers to think "woah." The action was better than you would expect, but still just okay. The jokes were sometimes good, and some were just stupid and I rolled my eyes at how a horny 14 year old boy could've wrtitten this and some retards think its genius film making. Overall this was sometimes funny, but I think most people will be smart enough to realize how stupid this film is and how bad it was.
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