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Yu-Gi-Oh! - The Movie (Yűgi˘: Gekij˘-ban) Reviews

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michael e.
michael e.

Super Reviewer

December 13, 2010
love the show love the card game love the movie another great anime childerens show adaption
April 11, 2007
Is the best out of all of the Yu-Gi-Oh's. Funny expecially when Tristan say's "I don't want your mummy!" and when Kiba says "You're ganna attack me with a cream puff and an elf."
July 8, 2008
Yet another Pokemo and Card Captors clone, Yu Gi Oh is one of the strangest movies ever made, for its totally nonsense story about a boy king who somehow can control these card monster things. In the movie, he battled the dreaded Anubis. Ooh. If you're 8, you might get it. Any older and a sort of banal brainwashing sets in, causing nausia and mental impairment. Ha. (This is for the badly dubbed and butchered American version).
January 16, 2008
Well, the movie could have been better, but I absolutely LOVE the anime - both the original and GX. Characters that I like are... original: Pharoah, (Yami) Joey, and Bakura; GX: Jaden, Aster, Syrus, (I just can't help but like the annoying, wimpy side-kick) Chazz, (I know he's a jerk and a snob, but he's hilarious when he's being mean to his Ojama cards!) ...*clears throat* Anyway... this movie's pretty good, although if you don't watch the anime it will be a bit hard to follow.
December 28, 2007
If I was rating the English dub, it'd get 1/2 a star...if you like Yugioh, get the Japanese version. As with most anime, everything is superior. Although this movie was contracted by American companies, the Japanese version still has scenes the English one doesn't!!
October 26, 2007
Well, it took forever just to get the main villain to arrive...And that was pretty sucky. Why did he hate the Pharaoh, anyway? They just threw in a villain to make the movie more interesting. And Anubis is the Lord of Mummification, not the Lord of the Dead! Inaccurate AND boring! But since I love Yu-Gi-Oh! and since this movie was made mostly by lousy 4Kids, I'll give it some mercy. Pretty good attempt at Yu-Gi-Oh!, but I'd rather watch the series.
September 16, 2007
i found it very boring,unless you're a die hard fan of the game or the series theres not much for you
August 24, 2007
Loved every second of it. Eventhough it didn't really give the time in the anime it was held, it still rocked! 5 stars in my book!
August 21, 2007
i got into Yu-Gi-Oh a little because of my son, but i couldn't tell you one difference between this and any episode thats on t.v.
August 3, 2007
if you ever had to watch a movie about a childers card game then watch this one i give it 5 stars wait thats the abriged series one that i give 5 stars woops
July 28, 2007
Everything about yu-Gi-Oh is awesome! Yu-Gi-Oh is the best show/card game ever! But the movie wasn't that good. The series is ten times better!
June 19, 2007
With all the hilarities and plot twists of the show plus the first appearances of the Toon Dark Magician Girl and Toon Gemini Elf, this movie was a hit with me!
May 29, 2007
April 2, 2007
Well, I'm not into that much of Yu-Gi-Oh!, but this movie was an exception. I still believe the original one is better than GX...
January 22, 2007
Based on the popular children's series, Yu-Gi-Oh! The movie doesn't really have a time period in which it takes place, other than after Battle City. In this movie, we learn that there is an 8th Millennium Item, called the Pyramid of Light. This item however, is held by the mummy of an ancient foe called Anubis. The story could have been much more entertaining, if only they would have went back and told just how Atemu (aka Yami or Pharaoh) defeated this Anubis and at what cost. Unfortunately, we don't get to see any of that. so, unless you are a die hard fan of the TV show, then I suggest you stear away from this movie. as for me, I have always been a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! ever since its release on TV back in the late 90's.
January 5, 2007
I love Yu-Gi-Oh the TV series and the manga, and this was a good film, but it was missing some things that I love about the series.
December 20, 2006
okay boys and girls, if ya dig the show, the movie's great. if, however, yu-gi-oh's not your thing, what the heck are you watching this for anyway?!
October 19, 2006
I loved the infinity symbol for the power of the three egyptian gods combined, fav part. Otherwise, a long episode
August 14, 2006
Stupid 4kids ruined this movie a lot like the ruined the anime!! It was an ok movie.. it would of been way better uncut and unedited!!! -goes to watch uncut version on youtube-
June 16, 2006
Anything Yu-Gi-Oh is awesome...even if all the dubs kinda...suck...^^" But the movie is pretty good, I love it. ^_^
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