• R, 2 hr. 37 min.
  • Drama
  • Directed By:
    Kathryn Bigelow
    In Theaters:
    Jan 11, 2013 Wide
    On DVD:
    Mar 19, 2013
  • Columbia Pictures

Movie Forum - Zero Dark Thirty

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Thread Topic Most Recent Activity By User Replies
How on Earth can a movie like this get good reviews? 12 months ago Brendan Sullivan 289
@people who think 9/11 is an inside job 13 months ago Alex Maverick 3
A message to Kathryn Bigelow 14 months ago Jeff Ferenc 110
Long live jingoism! 15 months ago Martin Schenke 97
Is This Film a Piece of War Propaganda? 15 months ago Mick Travis 161
Okay Rotten Tomatoes, that's enough. 15 months ago David MacNeil 30
It's really the consummate soldier. 16 months ago Bassam Faramawi 0
Hurt Locker or Zero Dark Thirty? 16 months ago Montez Bush 7
Better film than Argo 16 months ago Montez Bush 4
I had trouble with Chastain as the lead, the rest was fine. 16 months ago Justin Downing 5
Is this movie glorifying Obama? 17 months ago Andrew Monahan 34
This film is unrealistic propaganda 17 months ago Bo Manning 35
hypocrisy 17 months ago Alex Schuettenberg 2
Where the hell are the rest of the characters from "Parks and Recreation"? 17 months ago Alex Maverick 1
Error in Ratchet Sound 17 months ago Nehmo Sergheyev 0
Nibbly sandwich? 18 months ago Rich Gehring Jr. 1
Jessica Chastain 18 months ago Matt Smith 9
The end of Mick Travis? 19 months ago hollis mills 200
Opinions anyone? 19 months ago Joseph Chastain 9
Zero Dark Thirty 19 months ago Frank Hilmes 0
The Real Reason Zero Dark Thirty is Overrated and Boring Despite a Fantastic Performance from Jessica Chastain 19 months ago Marc Hochman 7
Best war film. What do you guys think? 19 months ago Chris Jarrett 30
Message to Mick Travis 19 months ago hollis mills 95
Zero Dark 30 Gives credit where its belongs...CIA & Special Forces 19 months ago Alex Maverick 11
The Academy knows nothing 19 months ago Mick Travis 35
Best Picture nod..? 19 months ago Kaiser Yusuf 4
To people who seen this...Obama glorify, good/bad movie? 19 months ago Zach Idiculla 3
Watch "Zero Dark Thirty" Movie Free Online 19 months ago Mark Marlon Millendez 1
This is not about how the movie is / was this is to show THANKS to those that got the job done. 19 months ago Brian Watson 0
Rex Reed 19 months ago pepino marino 7
Best Picture Winner 19 months ago Alex Maverick 17
Hollywood.com review 19 months ago Prats Majmudar 1
ZDT consensus vs Hobbit consensus 19 months ago Michael Kavusak 8
meaning? "one of the year's best movies" 19 months ago Mike Kowzun 1
Predicted score and box office on rotten tomatoes and imdb? 19 months ago Cole Jaeger 5
Glorifying movie? 19 months ago Marc Hochman 4
Can we stop with the whole "torture promotes...." crap? 19 months ago Alex Maverick 4
Western Europe indifferent towards Zero Dark Thirty? 19 months ago hollis mills 5
RT Misquoting Ebert 20 months ago Rob Croxson 1
Why so much hate from the audience? 20 months ago hollis mills 5
Haters gonna hate. 20 months ago Cole Jaeger 1
Rotten reviews sucks? 20 months ago Anthony Felix 1
Who cares if the movie is inaccurate? 20 months ago Anthony Felix 0
Zero Dark Thirty 20 months ago Himanshu Pant 0
Zero Dark Thirty 20 months ago Himanshu Pant 0
borderline fascist 20 months ago Helen O Kekai 3
94 PERCENT !?!?!?!?! 20 months ago Michael Casey 3
Christian hate? 20 months ago brian wilson 10
Glad to see politics are being left out 20 months ago Doug Brady 0
Real shot at 100% 20 months ago Nate Jacobsen 29
Best Original Screenplay 20 months ago Kaiser Yusuf 4
We new it would happen 20 months ago Andrew Targaryen 11
Peter Rainer 20 months ago Thom Stone 15
Peter Rainer 20 months ago Toby Wertime 0
Quickly boiling down to a one-horse race 20 months ago Austin Landry 16
First Reviews 20 months ago Dan Condron 27
To anyone referring to this film as 'journalism' 20 months ago Marc Hochman 1
Dark horse 20 months ago David Tanny 6
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