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After a zombie apocalypse, humanity is enslaved by zombies. Bred in captivity for food, these humans receive no education or training. Bands of free humans work to free the captives and turn the tide against the zombies.more
Rating: Unrated
Genre: Horror, Cult Movies
Directed By:
On DVD: Sep 23, 2008

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I would like to apologize to Mr. Romero for calling his zombie movies crap.

James Alvarez

Super Reviewer


I got this one added! Yay!

This is one of the better indie zombie b flicks I've seen (and I have seen ALOT of them). My rating for Zombie Wars is based on comparison to other films specifically in the zombie genre.

Basically, this is years after the zombie scourge and the semi-intelligent zombies have learned how to keep humans and breed them so tha they never run out of food.

A few units of "soldiers" are still about to protect the surviving people from getting nabbed for Zombie farmin'. A soldier gets captured by zombies after a surprise attack, and he lives in the Zombie Farm for a few weeks, hatching his escape plan for him and his tarzan-chick (the zombie farmed people are not allowed to speak).

Yeah the acting is shit and the plot is executed in a sloppy script, but the zombies look great. The action sequences are well cut, and the editing overall is great because it actually makes sense, as compared to about fifty other zombie films I've seen that must've been edited by the undead they were so incomprehensibly irrational. This production actually bothered (again slagging other worse zombie projects) to create a sense of setting and zombified (isolated, grungy) atmosphere with this movie. And it's a pretty good exploration of the "zombie intelligence" factor debate ever raging in the zombie fan community. The script may be wooden in terms of dialogue but the premise, sequence of events, and anchor scenes are all very interesting and well expressed.
Definite watch for zombie fans or anyone who likes their horror with tasty gourmet cheese on reel shaped crackers.

_kelly .King

Super Reviewer

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A soldier off at war leaves his wife and daughter behind living with his father. While gone, a zombie apocalypse occurs making it hard for him to get back to his family. He fights his way across the globe and returns home to discover America is ravaged and people survive in small colonies. When he gets home, he discoveries his wife and child were kidnapped by one of the colonies while his father was out gathering supplies. His father and the soldier will stop at nothing to rescue them.

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David Prior, director of Night Claws, Raw Justice, The Lost Platoon, Lock N' Load, Felony, Rapid Fire, Death Chase, Jungle Assault, and Hell on the Battleground, delivers Zombie Warz. The storyline for this picture was way better than I anticipated and reminded me of a cross of Doomsday and Road Warrior. The action scenes are better than anticipated but the acting is absolutely terrible. The cast includes Adam Mayfield, Jim Hazelton, Danielle Jacobs, and John Michael Thomas.

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We grabbed this movie from Redbox for Halloween night. At first, we thought this movie was going to be terrible because the script and acting is well below average; however, the settings, costumes, action scenes, and overall plot is way better than you could ever anticipate. I am not ashamed to say we couldn't wait to see how everything turned out. If you're a fan of horror movies, you should catch this picture at least once.

"Where is my daughter?!?!"

Grade: C+

Kevin Robbins

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