• Unrated, 1 hr. 22 min.
  • Horror
  • Directed By:    Jason Murphy
  • In Theaters:    Sep 9, 2008 Wide
  • On DVD:    Sep 9, 2008

Zombies Zombies Zombies Reviews

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Coxxie M
Super Reviewer
January 14, 2011
Im not sure when or why zombies and vampires in the movies started producing screams like those of tigers getting their claws clipped with garden shears, but im almost positive this movie's zombies are a little more reserved than that. and in the case that im wrong, then this movie is a piece of shit, BUT that is only because i was distracted by the wonderful acting in the film by stripper #4 and stripper #5.
Dean !
Super Reviewer
December 23, 2009
Oh dear, doesn't get much worse than this. The whole production is awful. The acting is terrible, awful script. Effects were not even up to a shoe string budget!
Avoid, avoid, avoid!
_kelly .
Super Reviewer
March 10, 2009
You may know this crapfest better as Zombies vs Strippers (or Strippers vs. Zombies).

Intolerable acting, continuity problems abound, terrible CG, "zombies" without any makeup, blood the color of syrup, intolerable acting. And none of this falls under the "so bad it's good" file. Hell, there's not even that many titties, and that's usually the only damn thing these crap movies are about. The thing that irks me most is the movie begins by showing a scene of a poorly done zombie movie on TV, and a chracter remarks summat to the effect "WHo makes this garbage?" I thought the movie would then proceed to do all the right things after demonstrating all the wrong things. NOPE. Just even more wrongness. And I am convinced this is not hidden satire-parody a la Re-Animator. No this is just shit on shit. AVOID AVOID AVOID
ken j
Super Reviewer
October 27, 2008
When a sleazy drug addict steals what he thinks is crack from a lab things just go downhill from there cause what he really stole was a new drug a doctor had been working on once a few people smoke it they turn into crazy zombies and start eating people in return turning them into zombies the only ones left is a group of strippers an a few hookers includeing the pimp and one of the strippers brothers they are holding up into the club and must find a way to stop the zombies once an for all. I dont know something about this movie i kinda liked its funny and not meant to be taken serious the acting is bad and script is lame but its all in a good fun cheesy way that some people might enjoy i know i did.
Al M May 7, 2014
I've seen quite a few zombies/strippers combo films now, and this ranks at the bottom. Boring and lame from beginning to end....
Eugene S May 3, 2012
Wow ... that was pretty bad. I don't remember much of the movie as I spent more time multi-tasking than actually watching it. I did catch the screen where the guy weed-whacks a zombie's face off. (Oops! Hope I didn't spoil it for everyone.) If you are going to watch this one, make sure you're drunk ...
QuimLiquor QuimLiquor August 10, 2009
Truly dreadful alternate version of Zombie Strippers! As if we needed an alternate version of Zombie Strippers!
Greg B November 16, 2008
Not completely un-entertaining F-level cheapo zombie comedy. It was fun to see Hollie in quite a different setting and she did a nice job with not much to work with.
Sean R October 26, 2008
Bad Bad Bad! Not even worth watching the rest of the 3/4. Made no sense and could not hold more interest.
Michael M ½ April 13, 2014
Not bad, but not good either, but heaps better than Zombie Strippers
Jeff T April 10, 2014
Doesn't get much better then this
Dan S ½ August 1, 2012
Actually enjoyable even though it's an awful movie.
Henry M ½ May 6, 2012
Knowingly trashy and terrible, Zombies Zombies Zombies is one of those films that's just so bad that it's kind of brilliant. I laughed my ass off at this film, so I guess that that's a good sign.
Sergel C October 16, 2011
A complete waste of time.
Tera H July 21, 2011
Best line ever: "I'm sick and tired of these mother fucking zombies in this mother fucking strip club!"
Cullen O May 25, 2011
Zombies Zombies Zombies, what can I say say say? Surprisingly for a movie that's entire budget was probably spent on a police cruiser, this movie kept our attention. The characters were not compelling, nor was the plot very interesting, yet somehow between the half-asked jokes and the strawberry syrup'esque blood. This movie was quite enjoyable.
Patrick K May 13, 2011
geschke really wants too see this again
Ian T April 13, 2011
Pretty funny if you go in without any expectations.
Jason Murillo Jason Murillo April 8, 2011
Given it's title, you would think the zombies would deserve more camera time (and prevalence in the plot) than the scantily-clad cast members. Other B-movies should look on this one with shame.
Macarser Macarser ½ April 2, 2011
Most cheesy horror B-movies I've seen were just very bad movies, either by virtue of low budgets, bad casting, bad effects, etc.. This movie, however, is a B-movie by design and doesn't even try to suggest otherwise. If you have any sort of hinderance to watching true B-movie's, avoid this movie, otherwise proceed.

Taking into account it is a true B-movie, the only thing really lacking here is a plethora of nudity. Sure you have some, but you have more cheesy zombies, cheesy one-liners, cheesy acting, cheesy effects, and cheesy exploding zombies than you can almost stand in one movie, that it's almost missing that, especially considering almost all of the movie takes place inside or just outside a strip club.

Your zombies, strippers, pimps, whores, johns, bouncers, cops, nerdy good guy, big brother, and evil scientists are all accounted for here, pretty much all you could ask for.

As a fan of B-movies, I am probably giving this movie a rating higher than most, it's far worse than any horror B-movie that was only a B-movie by default, and on that notion alone it deserves a star or two.
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