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July 10, 2011
More B-movie fluff for Tim Thomerson to revel in, this time he's behind enemy lines in WWII but his squad gets wiped out, on top of that he must content with an alien that has crashed its ship in the area.

Excellent film title which really gives you high hopes for a rockin flick and to a degree you do get a pretty decent action film with lots of gun action and Nazi blasting. The first half of the film isn't too bad and along the lines of the 'Dirty Dozen' minus the better acting skills and top cast of course. As the alien comes into the plot the film still manages to hold its own but towards the end of the story we meet more aliens which look suspiciously like humans with white hair in rather campy outfits.

This is where things start to get a bit Flash Gordon looking with crappy ray guns, bad outfits and a dodgy looking spacecraft. Shame really as the first crashed spaceship looked quite good and the stranded alien actually had a decent mask plus a look not far too from something you might see in the Mos Eisley space cantina in 'Star Wars' (the aliens we meet towards the end are male and different from the stranded alien which is female).

Very basic but fairly fun and amusing how no one ever seems to be that shocked to find visitors from outer space.
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March 14, 2011
Danny Bilson likes to take fantasy and Sci-Fi elements and throw them into unexpected places. Case in point, two of his films Zone Troopers and The Rocketeer each feature the protagonist(s) in an epic battle against the Nazi's during World War II.
Zone Troopers tells the story of a group of rag-tag soldiers trekking through Italy in 1944. Led by a hard-ass Sergeant, the three men find themselves behind enemy lines. Little do they know, the area is crawling with Nazi's who are there searching for the crew of a downed UFO which crashed in the area.
This film is a lot of fun to watch! Yes, it is cheesy but these types of movies are meant for the sole purpose of entertaining an audience and with the talent both behind and in front of the camera Zone Troopers does this and much more.
½ November 7, 2010
Could have been better. I would have shot the reporter or at least leave him alone in his situation.
February 3, 2015
Lame, why a tommygun with that big bbl.dumb
January 11, 2012

"Pinch me Dolan, did I just KO Hitler?"-Private Mittens (Art LaFleur)

Despite its B-movie status, it features great costumes, wardrobe, decent actors, props and production value. Dumb to be sure, but it's tons of fun.
½ April 30, 2011
Ok it's very bad but I still liked it.

This movie is about a group of WWII soldiers who encounter alien ship and it goes to an adventure involving Nazis and aliens.

This movie was On demand for free so I just decided to watch it because the plot sounded "interesting". I will give this movie a rotten review for obvious reasons it was very bad but in some strange way I loved it. It was completely enjoyable but under technicalities I have to give this a rotten review however, I 100% recommend it since it makes you laugh enough though your not supposed to. It does however stay interesting surpassed its stupidity.

50% Like I said I'd lose all credibility if I gave this a good review but I do recommend it. Completely enjoyed it. However, I warn you it was very bad.
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