Paul L. Smith
Paul L. Smith
Birthday: Feb 5, 1939
Place of Birth:
Bio: Massive, heavily bearded American actor Paul L. Smith had been a professional athlete before gravitating to films in the late '70s. His first important role was as the brutal, depraved Turkish prison guard Hamidou in Midnight Express (1978). Consigned by his size and weight to play villains (or at the very least, bullies), Smith was cast as Bluto, eternal nemesis to Popeye the Sailor and Olive


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Movies TV
Year Title Credit
2012 Mapping Errors Actor
1994 Maverick The Archduke
1992 Desert Kickboxer Santos
1990 The Big Man (Crossing the Line) Joe Kapinski
1990 Chase Actor
1990 Caged Fury Head Guard
1989 Ten Little Indians Elmo Rodgers
1988 Gor Surbus
1988 Sonny Boy Blue
1987 Outlaw Force Inspector Wainwright
1987 Terminal Entry Stewart
1987 Death Chase Steele
1986 Platypus Cove Actor
1986 Sno-Line (Death Line)(Texas Godfather) Duval
1986 Crimewave Larry Crush
1986 Screamplay Sgt. Flaherty
1986 Haunted Honeymoon Dr. Paul Abbot
1985 Red Sonja Falkon
1985 Eleni Actor
1985 The Protector Mr. Booar
1984 Dune The Beast Rabban
1984 Jungle Warriors Cesar Santiago
1983 Fire in the Stone Ernie
1983 The Salamander Actor
1983 Sadat Faruk
1983 Pieces (Mil gritos tiene la noche) Willard
1981 Montenegro Cab Driver
1981 Mortuary Actor
1981 Salamander The Surgeon
1980 Popeye Bluto
1979 Return of the Tiger Actor
1979 Going in Style Radio Announcer
1979 The In-Laws Mo
1978 Midnight Express Hamidou
1976 21 Hours at Munich Gutfreund
1976 Storm Boy Hunter
1975 We Are No Angels (Noi Non Siamo Angeli) Raphael McDonald
1973 Gospel Road: A Story of Jesus Peter
1972 Now You See Him, Now You Don't Road-Block Officer
1970 Madron Gabe Price
1965 The Great Race Employee
1964 Advance to the Rear (Company of Cowards?) Actor
1964 Bikini Beach First Officer
1958 The Left Handed Gun Smith
1957 Funny Face Steve
1957 The Deadly Mantis (The Giant Mantis)(The Incredible Praying Mantis) Corporal
1957 Loving You Skeeter
1956 There's Always Tomorrow Bellboy
1955 Miracle on 34th Street Actor
1954 Men of the Fighting Lady (Panther Squadron) Ensign Dispatcher
1952 Retreat, Hell! Andy Smith
1952 The Battle at Apache Pass Ross
1949 The Third Man MP
1948 Tornado Range Actor
1947 Shadow Valley Actor