Brewster's Millions

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In theaters May 22, 1985
PG, 1 hr. 42 min.


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Synopsis: The seventh cinema adaptation of the venerable stage farce Brewster's Millions stars Richard Pryor as Montgomery Brewster, a third-rate baseball player. Much to his amazement, Brewster discovers that
Director: Walter Hill
Rated: PG
Running Time: 1 hr. 42 min.
Genre: Comedy
Theater Release: May 22, 1985
DVD Release: May 12, 1998


Richard Pryor

Montgomery Brewster
John Candy

Spike Nolan
Lonette McKee

Angela Drake
Stephen Collins

Warren Cox
Jerry Orbach

Charley Pegler
Pat Hingle

Edward Roundfield
Hume Cronyn

Rupert Horn
Joe Grifasi

J.B. Donaldo


Critic Reviews

  • Tamed Pryor in '80s comedy with some salty language. More...
  • Lame recycled flick that wants to be "Arthur" and "Trading Places" but isn't. More...
  • One version too many of the classic comedy. More...
  • Hardly the finest version of this old yarn More...
  • A film of unrealized potential. More...
  • A flat, gutless remake. More...
  • Classic Richard Pryor More...
  • Great to see Walter Hill shifting genres. Pryor is a standout. More...
  • A simplistic remake of an oft-told tale. Pryor does PG like porn stars do Shakespeare. More...
  • Compared to Which Way Is Up?, Brewster's is a work of art. Even on it's own merits, Brewster's is above average. More...

User Reviews

  • Brewster's Millions, present a intelligent plot, that could have a better screenplay, and a comic cast with Richard Pryor, John Candy, Hume Cronyn,...
  • This is actually a remake of an older movie, but Pryor is such a great comedy actor, it's really his movie, and it's very entertaining.
  • A great concept for a Comedy and an enjoyable rewatch of the 80?s classic. Thought provokingly comical.
  • I love this film, it?s a classic 80's comedy!
  • Good 80's fun! It's quite sad though that John Candy and Richard Pryor are no longer with us these days, because they sure brought a lot of splendor...
  • one of the movie classics, great comedy
  • One of Richard Pryor's better films. Recently re-made as Mr Deeds I think. In order to inherit a huge fortune his has to spend $30 million in 30 days,...
  • Funny. Just makes you want to blow a few million for kicks.
  • Typical 80s comedy in that the charisma and chemistry of its stars, Candy and Pryor, shore up a weak script. Likeable because of same, but never...
  • When minor league baseball pitcher Montgomery Brewster becomes the heir of his great uncle's fortune, he's given 30 days to spend $30 million dollars...