Husbands and Wives


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In theaters Oct 18, 1992
R, 1 hr. 48 min.

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Synopsis: One of Woody Allen's most seemingly biographical films, Husbands and Wives opens with upper-middle class Manhattan couple Sally (Judy Davis) and Jack (Sydney Pollack) announcing to their best friends, the Roths, that they are splitting up. Gabe Roth (Allen) and his wife Judy (Mia Farrow) are taken aback by their casual revelation. Jack begins dating his dim, but sexy, aerobics instructor and Sally starts up a tentative romance with Michael (Liam Neeson). Gabe and Judy begin analyzing their
Director: Woody Allen
Rated: R
Running Time: 1 hr. 48 min.
Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy
Theater Release: Oct 18, 1992
DVD Release: Apr 16, 2002


Woody Allen

Gabe Roth
Mia Farrow

Judy Roth
Liam Neeson

Blythe Danner

Rain's Mother
Cristi Conaway

Shawn Grainger


Critic Reviews

Consensus: Husbands and Wives is a blistering, emotionally raw snapshot of two marriages self-destructing.
  • In all respects, this is a full meal, as it deals with the things of life with intelligence, truthful drama and rueful humor. More...
  • Allen's conception of character is as banal and shallow as ever, but the lively performances of some of his actors and the novelty of the film's style make this more watchable than many of his features. More...
  • It doesn't suffer from the compulsive tidiness of some of Allen's later movies -- the juices are flowing, the hysteria is closer to the surface -- and in this looser, more volatile atmosphere his extraordinary cast gets to soar. More...
  • With excellent performances (Davis and Pollack in particular), it's his finest film since Hannah and Her Sisters. More...
  • Woody Allen's Husbands and Wives is a very fine, sometimes brutal comedy about a small group of contemporary New Yorkers. More...
  • Husbands and Wives is a defining film for these emotionally embattled times; it's classic Woody Allen. More...
  • What Husbands and Wives argues is that many "rational" relationships are actually not as durable as they seem, because somewhere inside every person is a child crying me! me! me! More...
  • Allen, the schlemiel, has humiliated himself and hurt his family, disillusioned his fans and become a case in point for the GOP, but he has also hit upon an issue that is universally applicable. More...
  • With its relationship angst and Lolita temptations, Husbands and Wives hits embarrassingly close to Allen's home. But it also hits its comic target. More...
  • Smart, sensitive and packed with quality performances. More...