The Portrait of a Lady


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In theaters Dec 24, 1996
PG-13, 2 hr. 24 min.

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Synopsis: Jane Campion directed this expressive adaptation of the classic novel by Henry James. Isabel Archer (Nicole Kidman) is a young American woman who, after the death of her parents, has been sent to
Director: Jane Campion
Rated: PG-13
Running Time: 2 hr. 24 min.
Genre: Art House & International, Drama
Theater Release: Dec 24, 1996
DVD Release: Sep 14, 1999


Nicole Kidman

Isabel Archer
John Malkovich

Gilbert Osmond
Barbara Hershey

Madame Serena Merle
Mary-Louise Parker

Henrietta Stackpole
Martin Donovan

Ralph Touchett
Shelley Winters

Mrs. Touchett
Richard E. Grant

Lord Warburton
Shelley Duvall

Countess Gemini
Christian Bale

Edward Rosier
Viggo Mortensen

Caspar Goodwood


Critic Reviews

  • Intelligent but exasperating, its monotonous tone will wear down even viewers who started out in its corner. More...
  • An easy thing to dislike, I suppose, and even easier to find it absolutely fascinating. More...
  • In all, Jane Campion has pulled off a neat trick here -- she's made a film that makes Henry James' work seem positively giddy. More...
  • A handsome production, but the ass, she doth ache. More...
  • Not only slow but uninvolving. More...
  • A sophisticated and elegant period piece with the right touch of feminist flourishes to elevate this compelling fable More...
  • So bold and well-orchestrated that you sometimes want to cheer the vividness of a single shot, the humor of a fleeting detail. More...
  • Presents a bold and bewitching screen adaptation of the novel by Henry James. More...
  • More...
  • More...

User Reviews

  • "The Portrait of a Lady" starts with Isabel Archer(Nicole Kidman) rejecting the proposal of the super wealthy Lord Warburton(Richard E. Grant). Next,...
  • Fantastic!
  • Film not so good but Malkovich nailed it!