Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street


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In theaters Dec 21, 2007
R, 1 hr. 56 min.

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Synopsis: Stephen Sondheim's award-winning musical thriller comes to the big screen in this adaptation directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Sacha Baron Cohen, Timothy Spall,
Director: Tim Burton
Rated: R
Running Time: 1 hr. 56 min.
Genre: Drama, Musical & Performing Arts, Mystery & Suspense
Theater Release: Dec 21, 2007
DVD Release: Apr 01, 2008


Johnny Depp

Sweeney Todd
Helena Bonham Carter

Mrs. Nellie Lovett
Alan Rickman

Judge Turpin
Timothy Spall

Beadle Bamford
Sacha Baron Cohen

Adolfo Pirelli
Jamie Campbell Bower

Anthony Hope
Laura Michelle Kelly

Beggar Woman

Critic Reviews

Consensus: Full of pith and Grand Guignol grossness, this macabre musical is perfectly helmed and highly entertaining. Tim Burton masterfully stages the musical in a way that will make you think he has done this many times before.
  • This is grand-scale studio-work at its most beguiling. More...
  • A considerable achievement even if, on balance, it's more of a Tim Burton phantasmagoria than a Sondheim fantasia. More...
  • As unsettling as it is riveting. Even Sondheim aficionados will see the story with fresh eyes, unless those eyes are covered. More...
  • The movie may substitute Grand Guignol for laughs at times, but it's spectacularly stylized -- each throat-slashing exceptional -- persuasively sung, and imaginatively adapted for the screen. More...
  • It's as if Burton was born to direct it. More...
  • A thoughtful, sincere and moving film, buttressed by a fine, central performance by an actor at the top of his form. More...
  • This is grand-scale studio-work at its most beguiling. More...
  • It is distinguished, hypnotic, brilliantly executed and positively electrifying. More...
  • This Sweeney Todd is all subtext and no substance. It starts off large and swaggering but doesn't know where to turn next: Burton seems fixated on serving up an event, to the extent that he neglects to dig into the story. More...
  • Mesmerizing and highly entertaining. More...

User Reviews

  • A musical slasher flick that is just beyond fun. This is Tim Burton and if you dont care for him dont watch but if you do this is a good one.
  • ennui - i'm done with the burton / depp show. just another vehicle for same - albeit a witty tuneful one.
  • Review coming soon.
  • I normally don't like musicals but "Sweeney Todd" is an exception. The story is powerful and is accompanied with some decent songs. It gets brutal at...
  • I was never the biggest musical fan,I had very little interest in the genre.However, when I saw this film, it was incredible.A strong story fused...
  • Probably one of the few musicals that I didn't hate. Its plot is dark and the singing augments it. A fun watch for the older audience.
  • It's an odd musical movie. Some songs were really catchy. I wouldn't say I liked it a lot but it wasn't that bad.
  • Sweeney Todd: And I will get him back even as he gloats in the mean time I'll practice on less honorable throats, and my Lucy lies in ashes and I'll...
  • I had low expectations for Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd, maybe because I saw Alice in Wonderland before it... I forgot how good he can make the classic...
  • OK first of I just wanna say that although I like Depp, in this he is simply a cross of Ed Scissorhands and Jack Sparrow haha we have seen and heard...