Cinderella II - Dreams Come True

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In theaters Feb 26, 2002
G, 1 hr. 13 min.


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Synopsis: Fifty years after releasing their opulent adaptation of the classic fairy tale Cinderella, Walt Disney Productions revisits the characters in this direct-to-video sequel. Cinderella 2: Dreams Come
Director: Darrell Rooney, John Kafka
Rated: G
Running Time: 1 hr. 13 min.
Genre: Animation, Kids & Family, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Theater Release: Feb 26, 2002
DVD Release: Dec 18, 2007


Holland Taylor

Frank Welker

Jennifer Hale

Tress MacNeille

Rob Paulsen

Jacques, Sir Hugh
Russi Taylor

Fairy Godmother
Christopher Daniel Barnes

Prince Charming
Susan Blakeslee



Critic Reviews

  • A screaming black vortex of total, irredeemable awfulness. More...
  • ...there's ultimately not much here to hold the interest of viewers above a certain age. More...
  • a very typical, yet ultimately dull, story about the challenges of her new life More...
  • Partway through watching this saccharine, Easter-egg-colored concoction, you realize that it is made up of three episodes of a rejected TV show. More...
  • If Disney's Cinderella proved that 'a dream is a wish your heart makes,' then Cinderella II proves that a nightmare is a wish a studio's wallet makes. More...
  • Not one moment in the enterprise didn't make me want to lie down in a dark room with something cool to my brow. More...
  • Do not see this film. More...
  • More...
  • More...
  • More...

User Reviews

  • Cinderella II isn't terrible. It's just...plain. A few stories strung together with a very loose connection makes it feel like three TV episodes...
  • Very good movie. Quite enjoyable especially because there are lots of her tiny friends who help. The second story about Anastasia is very nice too.
  • Cinderella was one of the most classic Disney films from the early 1950s. All of the younger kids and adults (myself included) enjoyed this...
  • Complete blasphemy.
  • Worth the watch only slightly because it offers some twists that are somewhat interesting.