Despair (Despair - Eine Reise ins Licht)


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In theaters May 19, 1978
Unrated, 2 hr.

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Synopsis: Having made as many films as he had years, at 31, Rainer Werner Fassbinder essayed a slightly different approach for his 32nd film, Despair. Here, he uses a witty screenplay written by the well-known playwright Tom Stoppard, based on a novel by Vladimir Nabokov. Furthermore, the entire film, set in 1930s Germany, is in English. It received mixed reviews, if only because it is so unlike the director's other works. In the story, a Russian owner of a German chocolate-factory, whose business and
Director: Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Rated: Unrated
Running Time: 2 hr.
Genre: Art House & International, Drama
Theater Release: May 19, 1978
DVD Release: Dec 30, 1988


Dirk Bogarde

Hermann Herman
Andrea Ferreol

Lydia Herman
Klaus Lowitsch

Felix Weber
Ingrid Caven

Hotel Receptionist
Liselotte Eder

Y Sa Lo



Critic Reviews

  • Fassbinder films life in the cosseted class as a masque of glass and mirrors, replete with alluring deceptions and suave surfaces that belie volcanic passions. More...
  • Bold, garish and obsessive, but more than a little irritating. More...
  • The Stoppard script is a joy for anyone who likes the English language. More...
  • Unpleasant but thoughtful and provocative psychodrama set in Berlin, in the 1930s. More...
  • Everything about Despair feels queasily off - the plot, the acting, the dialogue and the fussily over-decorated sets. More...
  • A superb surrealist noir. More...
  • Not one of [Fassbinder's] best. More...
  • Of the authorial trifecta that created Despair, director Rainer Werner Fassbinder's voice is the most pronounced. More...
  • A lambent house of cards More...
  • It is beautifully photographed by Ballhaus in a frame filled with reflective glass and mirrors. More...