Drowning Mona


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In theaters Mar 03, 2000
PG-13, 1 hr. 35 min.

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Synopsis: Rage, jealousy, murder, and Eastern European automotive engineering combine in this offbeat black comedy. Verplanck, NY, is a small town north of Manhattan that has the dubious distinction of being the Yugo capital of America; the ill-fated import compact was first test-marketed in Verplanck, and nearly everyone in town drives one. So no one finds it unusual when a yellow Yugo is seen floating in the river, though seeing someone trapped inside is out of the ordinary. Verplanck's chief of police,
Director: Nick Gomez
Rated: PG-13
Running Time: 1 hr. 35 min.
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Theater Release: Mar 03, 2000
DVD Release: Jul 25, 2000


Danny DeVito

Chief Wyatt Rash
Bette Midler

Mona Dearly
Neve Campbell

Ellen Rash
Casey Affleck

Bobby Calzone
William Fichtner

Phil Dearly
Marcus Thomas

Jeff Dearly
Peter Dobson

Deputy Feege
Tracey Walter



Critic Reviews

Consensus: Despite Danny De Vito's top billing, Drowning Mona drowns itself in humor that never rises about sitcom level. Contributing to the Mona's problems is that the characters are never really interesting, and there is a noticeable lack of energy in the character roles
  • Drowning Mona takes a fresh and funny spin on the classic mystery plot in which someone is so universally loathed that practically everyone is a credible suspect. More...
  • My problem was that I didn't care who killed Mona Dearly, or why. More...
  • Drowning Mona is a funny comedy for about 90 seconds. More...
  • The film is monumentally minor -- you'll hardly remember you saw it a week later. More...
  • I find it hard to dislike. More...
  • Disappointingly tame (and often lame) comedy that consistently misses opportunities to do something clever or inventive. More...
  • Once you sit through the rest of this comedic approximation of a soak in pond scum, you may wish you had joined her in the Hudson River. More...
  • [Gomez] extracts potent comedy from the material's more outrageous situations and displays a sure hand with his talented cast. More...
  • No kind of triumph of anything over anything. More...
  • Rudely funny. More...