The Good Mother (The Price of Passion)

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In theaters Nov 04, 1988
R, 1 hr. 44 min.

Movie Info

Synopsis: Anna Dunlap (Diane Keaton) is a divorced mother living is Boston with her 6-year-old daughter Molly (Asia Viera). She supports herself and her daughter by working part time in a lab and teaching
Director: Leonard Nimoy
Rated: R
Running Time: 1 hr. 44 min.
Genre: Drama, Romance
Theater Release: Nov 04, 1988
DVD Release: Jun 04, 2002


Diane Keaton

Anna Dunlap
Liam Neeson

Leo Cutter
Ralph Bellamy

Teresa Wright

Asia Vieira

Molly Dunlap
James Naughton

Brian Dunlap
Joe Morton

Frank Williams
Katey Sagal



Critic Reviews

  • The traumatic subject matter of a child custody fight is handled with restraint and intelligence in The Good Mother. More...
  • Performances are good, though Keaton's snorting laughs and distracted manner are a bit of an obstacle course. More...
  • For all its potential to challenge and disturb, The Good Mother is finally no more wrenching than a placid Maine landscape on a summer day. More...
  • One more nail in the coffin of the 60s. More...
  • Even shackled to banalities, Keaton has the power to amaze. More...
  • The Good Mother is one of the most confused and conflicted serious movies in a long time -- a film that feels great passion about its subject matter but has no idea what it wants to say or how to say it. More...
  • Overall, it's a competent meditation on a complex subject, but one wishes it had been injected with a little of the passion that the sculptor is supposed to have awakened in the good mother. More...
  • Spock and Qui-Gon kick *** at showing feelings. More...
  • A thought-provoking film about single parenting, sexual mores and the tendency in our society to allow lawyers and judges to settle questions of personal values. More...
  • Could have been standard "Lifetime Channel" material, but Keaton and company deliver some great work. More...

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