Half Moon Street


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In theaters Jan 01, 1986
R, 1 hr. 30 min.

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Synopsis: Based on Paul Theroux's Doctor Slaughter, Half Moon Street is motivated by the moneymaking schemes of the heroine, Ph.D. researcher Laura Slaughter (Sigourney Weaver). Stuck in a low-paying government job in London, Laura decides to increase her bank account by working for what is euphemistically termed an "escort service." It is understood that her duties go above and beyond mere hand-holding, and Laura has no problem with this. Michael Caine enters the scene as Lord Bulbeck, a high-ranking
Director: Bob Swaim
Rated: R
Running Time: 1 hr. 30 min.
Genre: Drama, Romance, Art House & International, Mystery & Suspense
Theater Release: Jan 01, 1986
DVD Release: Jun 03, 2003


Sigourney Weaver

Lauren Slaughter
Michael Caine

Lord Bulbeck
Patrick Kavanagh

George Newhouse
Keith Buckley

Hugo Van Arkady
Nadim Sawalha

Karim Hatami
Angus MacInnes

Bill Rafferty
Michael Elwyn

Tom Haldane
Jasper Jacob

Rex Lanham
Maria Aitken

The Hon. Maura Hardc...


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  • Weaver is as entrancing as she is sensational More...
  • The premise is intriguing and the acting is rather good, but the execution is disappointing. More...
  • Contains a smashingly good performance by Sigourney Weaver. More...
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