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In theaters Nov 01, 2002
PG-13, 1 hr. 37 min.


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Synopsis: Yet another classic television series from the 1960s gets a big-screen update in this action-comedy inspired by the Bill Cosby/Robert Culp vehicle I Spy. Alex Scott (Owen Wilson) is a federal
Director: Betty Thomas
Rated: PG-13
Running Time: 1 hr. 37 min.
Genre: Action & Adventure, Mystery & Suspense, Comedy
Theater Release: Nov 01, 2002
DVD Release: Mar 11, 2003


Eddie Murphy

Kelly Robinson
Owen Wilson

Alex Scott
Gary Cole

Tate Taylor

Lt. Percy
Bill Mondy


Critic Reviews

Consensus: Insipid and mirthless, I-Spy bares little resemblance to the TV series that inspired it.
  • Though ample time is spent mingling Murphy's jabberjaw locutions and Wilson's curveball spaciness, the film leaves only the bitter reek of a botched chemistry experiment. More...
  • I really resent a movie like this that just looks like it's made by a committee when you have two such huge talents wasted like this. More...
  • Unexceptional espionage comedy. More...
  • The trappings of I Spy are so familiar you might as well be watching a rerun. More...
  • Moves at a glacial pace. More...
  • Banal and predictable. More...
  • I cry for I Spy -- or I would if this latest and laziest imaginable of all vintage-TV spinoffs were capable of engendering an emotional response of any kind. More...
  • The time has come to offer thanks to Owen Wilson. More...
  • A loose, lighthearted romp that's a notch above the usual buddy comedies. More...
  • As inept as big-screen remakes of The Avengers and The Wild Wild West. More...

User Reviews

  • Get another field of view Not a very funny movie. The story really is weak and barely good action comes our way. I saw this film pretty much for Owen...
  • More another worthless picture by Betty Thomas and Eddie Murphy.
  • High School theater viewing, didn't like it at the time. Thought one scene was funny but was disinterested throughout. Watched it again recently and...
  • C
  • Saw it accidentally on TV, it wasn't a bad movie but wasn't a good one too... But it was pretty entertaining... Especially for Eddie Murphy with his...
  • Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson don't even mke the story any better than it already is, BAD! Some of the action scenes/thrills, are fun to watch, but...
  • Rubbish. It was about 15 years too late as these kinds of silly comedies belong in the 80?s. The invisible plane also really annoyed me!
  • this film is only any good if you don't want to think about what you're watching
  • arhg a funny action film the two gr8 acotrs work asnd is a gd film very funny and action packed worth a watch!!
  • This movie is crappy with crappy acting. you would think that with all the "Names" in the movie it would have come to something some what...