If Lucy Fell

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In theaters Mar 08, 1996
R, 1 hr. 32 min.


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Synopsis: Therapist Lucy Ackerman is nearing her 30th birthday. Depressed, she reminds her friend Joe of the promise they made -- if they hadn't found permanent mates by the Big 3-0 they would jump off the
Director: Eric Schaeffer
Rated: R
Running Time: 1 hr. 32 min.
Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy
Theater Release: Mar 08, 1996
DVD Release: Jan 30, 2001


Sarah Jessica Parker

Lucy Ackerman
Ben Stiller

Bwick Elias
Elle Macpherson

Jane Linquist
James Rebhorn

Simon Ackerman
Eric Schaeffer

Joe MacGonaughgill
Robert John Burke

Handsome Man


Critic Reviews

  • A bleak, annoyingly quirky Gen-X recasting of the When Harry Met Sally notion that true love is based on friendship. More...
  • All coy grins and daffy mugging, Mr. Stiller plays the role as if aspiring to become the Elliott Gould of his generation. Compared with jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge, that's a reasonable goal. More...
  • If Lucy Fell is funnier more often than not, and when it's not being funny it's at least being strange. I'll take strange over what most major-distributor comedies are when they're not being funny. More...
  • There is an affectation that I find particularly annoying, and that is when people choose to perform at a level below their natural intelligence. More...
  • It's airy, fluffy and ultimately uninteresting. More...
  • If Lucy Fell should be a chore, and yet I kept catching myself having a good time. More...
  • Sadly, the story is nowhere as original as the details and performances. More...
  • A disappointingly superficial romantic comedy. There's no chemistry between any of the characters. The acting is mediocre, with Schaeffer and Parker exhibiting no screen presence. More...
  • These writer-director-actors seem to want to make movies just so they can be cuddly in them. More...
  • I just don't find this to be an appealling or believable film. More...

User Reviews

  • I know it's not a great movie, but this is one i used to have on VHS when it first came out and just loved, so I have good memories of it, which have...
  • Generic and uninspired, If Lucy Fell is stereotypical rom-com tripe. The story follows two friends that make a death pact to jump off the Brooklyn...
  • Lucy has a terrible dull lovelife and lives as a single woman together with her roommate Joe. Lucy and Joe are best friends so they agree to jump off...
  • A really dumb girl movie.
  • Loved it.