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In theaters Jan 21, 1994
R, 1 hr. 38 min.


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Synopsis: A man who may be on the verge of death quickly takes a thorough look at his life in this drama. Vincent Eastman (Richard Gere) is speeding along a mountain road in Canada when, while swerving to avoid
Director: Mark Rydell
Rated: R
Running Time: 1 hr. 38 min.
Genre: Drama, Romance
Theater Release: Jan 21, 1994
DVD Release: Feb 19, 2002


Richard Gere

Vincent Eastman
Sharon Stone

Sally Eastman
Lolita Davidovich

Olivia Marshak
David Selby

Richard Quarry
Jennifer Morrison (II)

Meaghan Eastman
Ron White

Scott Bellis

Van Driver


Critic Reviews

  • Stone deserves some points for playing a recognizable human being while Davidovich fares less well in an underscripted part, but what sabotages the story altogether is Gere's boundless narcissism. More...
  • This very loose adaptation (acknowledgement of the sources is buried in the end credits) attempts to goose things up here and there, but original's essentially meditative nature is left quite unfulfilled by the new approach and glamour cast. More...
  • Less neurotic and sexually charged than usual, Gere digs deep to find the source of his character's chronic indecisiveness. More...
  • Tespite the glossiness, it winds up seeming profoundly uneventful, perhaps because the car crash is the story's only real dramatic turn. More...
  • The only thing these characters have to talk about are the problems manufactured for them by the screenplay. No other conversations on any other subject amount to more than filler between crises. More...
  • Please stop me when you care. More...
  • Should he as an incredibly wealthy architect go back to his wife, Sharon Stone, or stay with his mistress, Lolita Davidovich? It's a question that ranks up there on the suspense-o-meter with "Paper or plastic?" More...
  • The concept sounds reasonable until the characters start reciting some truly dumb dialogue. More...
  • Only Stone manages to find any emotional depth in her character, and that's not enough reason to see the film. More...
  • It's a waxen, pretentious bore, and whatever chance it may have had of succeeding is foiled by casting so misguided that it's hard to imagine it wasn't meant as a vicious joke. More...

User Reviews

  • I picked this one up as an ex-rental as it was only $2, and I felt like good thriller. Well... this wasn't that... more a drama than I would have...
  • Strange film that's more perplexing than riveting.
  • Not bad, I like Richard Gere.
  • Interesting!