Jiro Dreams of Sushi


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In theaters Mar 09, 2012
PG, 1 hr. 21 min.

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Synopsis: Jiro Dreams of Sushi is the story of 85 year-old Jiro Ono, considered by many to be the world's greatest sushi chef. He is the proprietor of Sukiyabashi Jiro, a 10-seat, sushi-only restaurant inauspiciously located in a Tokyo subway station. Despite its humble appearances, it is the first restaurant of its kind to be awarded a prestigious 3 star Michelin review, and sushi lovers from around the globe make repeated pilgrimage, calling months in advance and shelling out top dollar for a coveted
Director: David Gelb
Rated: PG
Running Time: 1 hr. 21 min.
Genre: Documentary, Art House & International, Special Interest
Theater Release: Mar 09, 2012
DVD Release: Jul 24, 2012


Jiro Ono

Jiro Ono
Yoshikazu Ono

Yoshikazu Ono
Takashi Ono

Takashi Ono
Masuhiro Yamamoto

Masuhiro Yamamoto
Hachiro Mizutani

Hachiro Mizutani

Critic Reviews

Consensus: Beautiful, thoughtful, and engrossing, Jiro Dreams of Sushi should prove satisfying even for filmgoers who don't care for the cuisine.
  • The exquisite nigiri slices gleam with freshness, and you do learn about the component parts to the perfect serving of sea eel or gizzard shad. More...
  • It's torture to watch Jiro Dreams of Sushi -- if you are on an empty stomach. More...
  • By the time this graceful film is over you understand why Japan has declared the bald, bespectacled Jiro a national treasure. Even if you've never tasted sushi, the man's singleness of purpose will inspire you. More...
  • Gelb apparently understood that his subject was itself so taking that he wouldn't need filmic embellishments to keep his viewers alert. More...
  • Obsessive, we were saying? Oh my, yes, and that's what makes the film so compelling. More...
  • This documentary strikes a balance between storytelling and food porn that's hard to come by in foodie flicks. Like a proper sushi meal, "Jiro" left me feeling sated, not stuffed. More...
  • The most interesting moments, however, belong not to the chef but to those who labor in his shadow. More...
  • As exhausting as Jiro may be, he's also inspiring. More...
  • Would you be willing to massage an octopus for 45 minutes, until its flesh possesses just the right amount of chewability? Jiro is. More...
  • I really wish Tokyo were closer. More...